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Apollo program books and e-books

All Apollo program books and ebooks on Amazon Our choice The Apollo program related books and ebooks selected above are reviewed 4+ by more than 10 buyers on Amazon ! The guarantee to satisfy all space lovers 🙂

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60 Years in space with NASA in an awesome 468 pages Taschen book

Buy the NASA Archives book on From NASA’s earliest days to current development of new space systems for the future On October 1, 1958, the world’s first civilian space agency opened for business as an emergency response to the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik a year earlier. Within a decade, NASA had evolved from…
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Apollo VII – XVII book

NASA’s Apollo program astronauts are more often hailed for being some of the world’s greatest explorers, adventurers, pilots and scientists, but rarely are they portrayed as some of the world’s most important photographers. Apollo VII – XVII: A collection of photographs taken by NASA’s Apollo program astronauts 1968 – 1972 ‘Apollo VII – XVII: A…
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