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Canadian Space Agency to supply Canadarm to LOP-G

– News of March 3, 2019 –

Canada has just confirmed its participation in the LOP-G, the future lunar space station. The manipulative arm of the Canadian Space Agency, named Canadarm 3, will be Canada’s largest participation. US space shuttles were loaded with Canadarm 1. Canadarm 2 is currently used in the International Space Station (ISS). In recent years, the Canadian Space Agency has become an expert in the design of these tools.

In the LOP-G, Canadarm 3 will be critically important. Unlike the International Space Station, the lunar space station, which will also be international, will not be permanently occupied. Artificial intelligence will have a great role to allow the manipulator arm to maneuver without anyone on board. In addition to Canadarm 3, the Canadian government has also pledged $ 150 million for private companies in Canada to provide LOP-G related technologies.

Canada is the first nation to officially join the United States in its new lunar program. The Justin Trudeau government has committed to invest $ 2 billion Canadian in this project over the next few years. The Canadian Space Agency hopes that a Canadian astronaut will be sent to the LOP-G within ten years of the lunar station’s commissioning. We don’t know if Europe, Japan and Russia will follow. The historic partners of the ISS have all expressed an interest in the LOP-G but now it has to become concrete. Europe is already involved in the creation of the Orion spacecraft service module developed by Lockheed-Martin.

Picture by NASA

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