DVD + Blu-ray 16 Sunrises : go into space with Thomas Pesquet!

DVD + Blu-ray 16 Sunrises : go into space with Thomas Pesquet!

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Thomas Pesquet’s space travel as you have never seen

Accompany the French astronaut in space for 6 months, from the launch of the Soyuz rocket to his return to Earth. Docking at the International Space Station, spacewalk, scientific experiments, teleconferences with people on Earth, personal reflections on the fragility of the Earth… You will even see how to shave and sleep in weightlessness !

The images are of exceptional quality and carried by an immersive soundtrack. And the narration is out of the ordinary : true metaphorical and dreamlike approach of Thomas Pesquet’s space travel, the astronaut dialogues with the work of the aviator and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry whose writings have followed him up to the space.

An intimate movie that space enthusiasts will enjoy !

About 16 Sunrises

Directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff, original soundtrack by Guillaume Perret. 16 Sunrises has been selected by more than 15 major film festivals in France (including the Cannes Film Festival) and around the world.

  • Audio : french
  • Subtitles : french/english
  • Duration : 117 minutes