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Hello Space Lover !

My name is Jonathan Gonton, I am the founder, webmaster and animator of I created this website to share my fascination for space, and to democratize access to information and people related to space.

I have two children and I hope that, like me and everyone who follows From Space With Love, they will one day have the curiosity to be interested in what is “beyond the sky”. And why not, contribute to the space effort of humanity.

Stratus seen from space – Credits : NASA

Amazed by the space conquest

I grew up in the 1980s, decade of launching the first US space shuttles. This metallic bird that rises to the sky with phenomenal power has undeniably fascinated the little boy that I was.

shuttle launch

The US Space Shuttle – Credits : NASA

Later, the incredible international collaboration aboard the MIR space station amazed me and moved me, hope for a better world. I hope that my children will live with such emotions the return of humans on the Moon and, I hope, the first steps of a human on the planet Mars.

astronaut on mars

Artist’s impression of an astronaut on Mars – Credits : NASA/Green

The time of existential questions…

As a teenager, the philosophical, physical and biological questions made me travel in space, often pushing me to a meditative state.

If we are the result of an incredible and dangerous cosmic chain reaction, why look for meaning in my life as an insignificant man on the scale of my own planet ?

If we were stardusts and we will become stardusts after our death, what achievements can have even a little sense at the scale of the Earth and at the cosmic scale ?

If humans cherish the illusion of controlling their destiny while they are at the mercy of a simple solar storm, must I lead a selfish life out of the law or that I comply with the rules of life in society ?

black holes

Artist’s impression of a black hole – Credits : ESO

It came as a matter of course

As a young adult, I completely abandoned my attraction for space to devote myself to my studies, my professional career and the construction of my family.

At 32, asking myself what will be the project that I want to accomplish in my life, the space field came back as obvious !

Discovery, adventure, science, philosophy, environment, ambition, heritage, fun… The spatial field as a whole leaves no aspect of life aside, and therefore has all the assets to fill those who are interested by this field.

earth seen from space station

Earth seen from the Cupola of the International Space Station – Credits : NASA/ESA

Living my passion with other Space Lovers

In addition to living my passion, developing From Space With Love allows me to feel concerned about the global space effort and the growing excitement around this area around the world.

I may never go into space, but that’s not important, because we humans are really at home and free from our movements only on Earth, our fragile cradle and spaceship.

earth atmosphere

Earth atmosphere seen from space – Credits : NASA

But maybe one day my children, my grandchildren, or my great grandchildren will send a message to Terrans from space, signing :

“From Space, With Love”

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