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The Mars Express mission benefits from the Mars 96 probe experience

– News of October 28, 2018 –

The Mars 96 mission was an extremely ambitious and exciting mission. The mission consists of over forty experiments, half a ton of scientific payloads, an orbiter, two landers and two penetrators. This would get huge amounts of information on the planet Mars. But that did not happen as planned.

The Russian Mars 96 probe and its international experiments have disintegrated into the atmosphere, representing one of the most regrettable failures in the history of space exploration. But the legacy of Mars 96 is real. Some instruments designed for this mission were integrated in other probes currently in orbit of the planet Mars. This is particularly the case of Mars Express. We strongly hope that the next Russian-European collaboration to Mars will be much successful than Mars 96.

Image by NASA / JPL / Corby Waste [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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