MOVA Globes spin endlessly without battery!

MOVA Globes spin endlessly without battery!

$ 280.00


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MOVA Globes mesmerizing video

How do MOVA Globes work?

It has basically a clear acrylic casing right on the outside and then there’s two spheres: an inner sphere in an outer sphere. The outer sphere is actually moving inside the acrylic case, that’s what’s spinning.

The whole thing isn’t spinning and it’s why if you hold it on your hand it still looks like it’s spinning. Obviously it’s not spinning in your hand it’s just spinning inside the acrylic case.

The inner case and the inner sphere actually houses a magnet which will align the ball with the magnetic field of the Earth and it has a bunch of solar cells in it which will absorb the sunlight and that powers the magnet. No batteries, it works by taking in the sunlight and turning it into power. Aligning that magnet with the magnetic field generates just enough force to make it spin.

The two outer spheres are connected with some liquid on the inside. The lack of friction between the two spheres plus that tiny bit of force provided by the magnet make the MOVA Globe move. That’s how it works in space : there’s minimum friction and just a little bit of force can go a long way.

It is important to keep the MOVA Globe away from another magnet. If you do have it close to a magnet or too close to another MOVA Globe, actually because obviously they all have magnets in them, it will stop spinning. So we recommend 30 centimeters away from a magnet or something like that.

All customers say buying a MOVA Globe worth the money because it’s really cool and it’s very unique, there’s just nothing like it. But buying multiple MOVA Globes probably isn’t a very good decision if you don’t have a lot of money.

MOVA Globes unboxing and review

The inside of the box packaged is pretty well, well-protected. First thing, there is the basic user’s manual, the stand, a welcome letter and the MOVA Globe. To free the stand, an acrylic circle block, it says “Peel the paper off”. That tooks way longer than expected.

The stand is a sort of clear acrylic cool-looking thing with three slots. You have to put the flat side of the three clear sticks inside the slots of the stand. Now you have a really cool-looking stand which does look really awesome.

The MOVA Globe is well-protected. It’s ever so slightly spinning : no batteries in this, it always spins in your hand or on the stand.