Category: Private space companies


OneWeb goes bankrupt

OneWeb loses the support of its main investor – News of March 31, 2020 – OneWeb has already raised $3.4 billion and launched 74 satellites. However, the company has just announced its bankruptcy. The OneWeb’s satellite constellation still needed several billion additional dollars to be operational, but its main investor SoftBank decided to stop financing…
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Starlink will operate from 2020 in the U.S.A.

Starlink will soon supply its first customers – News from March 31, 2020 – SpaceX’s satellite constellation, Starlink, may be in a monopoly position following the announcement of the bankruptcy of OneWeb. The company is currently continuing to deploy its satellite constellation, apparently without suffering from the same cash flow problems as its competitor. Starlink…
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Firefly Aerospace

Firefly Aerospace will use a Aerojet Rocketdyne engine

– News of October 29, 2019 – Firefly Aerospace is currently developing a light launcher called Firefly Alpha that could make its first flight in 2020. Firefly Aerospace is also developing a heavier launcher called Firefly Bêta. So far, it was designed as a heavy version of the Alpha, with three boosters glued to the…
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blue origin

Blue Origin wants to participate in the Artemis program

– News of October 29, 2019 – Last week, the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) was held in Washington D.C. The lunar plans of NASA took a prominent place. The US space agency wants to bring humans back to the Moon by 2024 and relies heavily on the private sector to do that. In particular,…
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virgin orbit

Virgin Orbit develops an interplanetary launcher

– News of October 29, 2019 – LauncherOne, the launcher developed by Virgin Orbit to place smallsats into Earth orbit, should have an optional third stage to complete interplanetary missions. The ambitions are modest : 100 kg to the Moon, 70 kg to Venus or 50 kg to Mars. What pushes Virgin Orbit to develop…
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PLD Space

PLD Space multiplies partnerships to develop itself

– News of October 13, 2019 – PLD Space is one of the first companies of the european “New Space”. It was founded in 2011 in Spain. PLD Space is currently working on the development of two space rockets, a suborbital rocket called MIURA 1 and another space rocket that has to be able to…
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SpaceX news

What SpaceX-related news are you looking for ? Starship Falcon Heavy Falcon 9 Crew Dragon Starlink Company SpaceX will devote many more launches to smallsats than previously announced – News of September 3, 2019 – SpaceX seems to want to refine its offer for smallsats. We now know more since the company’s website has been…
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rocket lab

All about Rocket Lab and news

Rocket Lab wants to create a reusable launcher – News of August 20, 2019 – Faced with the arrival of a competition at low cost, the players already installed are forced to innovate to maintain an advantage. Rocket Lab, which has been operating the Electron launcher for more thant two years, now wants to make…
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All about iSpace (星际荣耀) and news

iSpace reaches low orbit ! – News of August 20, 2019 – The smallsats market is booming. It attracts the greed of many private space companies on all continents. On July 25, iSpace became the first Chinese private company to reach orbit. Its Hyperbola-1 launcher successfully placed five small payloads in low orbit. A few…
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All about LinkSpace and news

The LinkSpace demonstrator rises 300 meters above sea level – News of August 20, 2019 – The Chinese company LinkSpace made an impressive demonstration on August 9th. Its RLV-T5 demonstrator climbed 300 meters in the air before returning to land on its launch pad like SpaceX, with a margin of error of only 7 cm.…
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All about SpaceIL and news

The tardigrades brought by Beresheet may have survived on the surface of the Moon – News of August 20, 2019 – Last April the Israeli lander Beresheet crashed on the surface of the Moon. The mission failed a short distance from the finish. SpaceIL, the company that built the lunar lander, now wants to project…
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relativity space

All about Relativity Space and news

Relativity Space will print rockets for $ 10 million – News of June 9, 2019 – Relativity Space is one of the companies developing rockets for Smallsats. Their launcher is called Terran 1. It is a little more imposing than the average launchers. It must be able to place up to a ton of low…
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virgin galactic

Virgin Galactic : all you need to know and news

Virgin Galactic to move to Spaceport America – News of May 14, 2019 – Virgin Galactic will soon be offering customers a few minutes in space for the price of a home. The company has demonstrated such an inhabited flight several times in recent months. To move on to market its project, Virgin Galactic will…
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LandSpace 蓝箭 : all you need to know and news

LandSpace unveils methane engine that will allow it to reach orbit – News of May 7, 2019 – LandSpace was not demotivated after the failure of its first orbital attempt last year. On the contrary, the Chinese company has more ambitions. LandSpace is now working on a medium-capacity methane-powered launcher, and it’s moving fast. Photos…
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chinese private space companies

All about the Chinese private space sector (Chinese New Space) and news

The Chinese New Space is more and more supervised – News of April 28, 2019 – On Wednesday, April 24, China celebrated its fourth space day. This celebration has become annual throughout the country. This has been an opportunity to announce a new legal framework for Chinese New Space companies, which are more than 100.…
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All about ArianeWorks and news

ArianeWorks is in charge of imagining the Ariane launchers of the future – News of April 23, 2019 – Europe seems already well engaged on the after Ariane 6. At the end of February, we learned the creation of ArianeWorks, a small structure which should allow to accelerate certain developments, a little like a start-up…
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new space companies

New Space : all you need to know and news

New Space continues to attract investment – News of February 5th, 2019 – In 2018, New Space startups continued to appeal to investors by getting $ 3 billion around the globe. This represents an increase of almost 30% compared to 2017. More than half of this money has been invested in companies that develop launchers…
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All about Spacety and news

Spacety could build 100 satellites in 2020 – News of January 11, 2019 – Spacety is a Chinese micro-satellite manufacturer established in 2016. The company manufactures satellites for universities or other start-ups in China. Satellites manufactured by Spacety were for example embarked as a secondary payload during the launch of the Franco-Chinese satellite CFOSAT (Chinese-French…
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satellite constellations

COMSAT : all you need to know and news

COMSAT wants to launch a new satellite mega-constellation – News of January 11, 2019 – COMSAT is another company that wants to deploy a satellite mega-constellation. It aims to observe the Earth for industrial and logistic applications. A first plan aims to put into orbit 60 satellites. COMSAT hopes to quickly increase that number to…
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LaserFleet : all you need to know and news

LaserFleet wants to launch a satellite mega-constellation – News of January 11, 2019 – LaserFleet wants to put into orbit a constellation of several hundred telecommunications satellites. These satellites would communicate by laser to provide data to aircraft in flight, to other satellites or for ground applications. LaserFleet’s goal is to provide faster and cheaper…
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copenhagen suborbitals

All about Copenhagen Suborbitals and news

The non-profit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals wants to send a man into space – News of November 4, 2018 – Space has long been reserved for governments. The private space sector is in turn booming, and the democratization of launch technologies could allow new types of actors to gain access to space. Copenhagen Suborbitals is a…
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moon express

All about Moon Express and news

Zoom on the history and the lunar ambitions of Moon Express – News of October 4, 2018 – Moon Express wants to make money by sending payloads to the Moon and collecting lunar samples When we look at NASA’s lunar exploration program, we note that it gives an important place to the private companies of…
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made in space

All about the company Made In Space and news

Made In Space wants to print space stations in orbit – News of June 20, 2017 – The construction of the International Space Station (ISS) has been a huge technological challenge requiring decades of effort and participation from many countries. It was necessary to bring the different parts of the station one by one for…
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Iridium Next

Iridium Next : all you need to know and news

SpaceX continues to put satellites of the Iridium Next constellation into orbit – News of April 3, 2018 – If we look at the work done by Iridium Next and SpaceX, we could say that satellite constellations are already being put in place. In just over a year, the partnership between the two companies has…
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