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Roscosmos could benefit from a new arms race

– News of February 12, 2019 –

In recent years, the budget of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) is not huge. This has hampered the development of many space programs. We know that Russia wants to launch a new manned spacecraft called Federatsia and a new range of launchers called Angara and Soyuz 5. Angara rockets have unfortunately not flown since their first flight in 2014, and Soyuz 5 will not be launched for at least a few years.

The Russian space program could, however, experience significant development. Earlier this month, the Americans and the Russians announced their withdrawal from the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty. This treaty prevented the development of certain new atomic missiles. This diplomatic movement could trigger a new arms race between the two rival nations. In this context, the development of new launchers is of crucial importance for Russia.

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