Solar system MOOC by Caltech

vadim sadovski space art

InSight, Curiosity, Voyager… You are probably fascinated by the space exploration missions. But have your ever dreamed to understand all the science behind the exploration of the solar system ?

This 46 hours MOOC will teach you the principles of chemistry, physics, geology and biology to understand what we already know about our solar system and to understand what we are curently discovering on Mars and in the whole solar system. You will also learn how we currently search for habitability in our solar system and beyond.

The teacher of this Solar system MOOC is Mike Brown, Professor of Planetary Astronomy, Caltech. This Course is free if you just want to read the content of the course and to watch the videos. You will have to pay a few dollars if you want to access all of the course, including rating homework, and to have an official certificate to print or to share (on LinkedIn for example).

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