Meet space artist Stefano Bove | interview and artwork

stefano bove space art

Please introduce yourself ?

stefano boveMy name is Stefano Bove and i am a full Visual artist from Toronto, Canada. My favorite books are Star Wars novels (Darth bane trilogy is my favorite), Lord of the Rings, and anything marvel or DC. My favorite TV shows are Fringe, Lost, Mars (basically any space or Sci-Fi related show). I enjoy watching and listening to space documentaries; anything by Neil Degrass Tyson or Elon Musk.

How and when did your passion for space was born ?

I first fell in love with learning about outer space when i was in elementary school and simultaneously began drawing as well. As i got older, i realized that my passion for understanding the laws of the universe were limited as i struggled in some higher level science classes but that did not stop me from exploring and sharing my love for the stars with the world.

Please introduce your work

Now as a visual artist, my primary form of work is space landscapes. My goal with my art is to make my viewers excited about space as we enter the next frontier of space exploration. My work primarily focuses on the solar system, its moons, and our milky way galaxy in bright and colourful landscape work.

Thank you Stefano.

Stefano Bove’s space art

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Interview : March, 2019
Pictures courtesy of Stefano Bove

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