Finally… A guide to help you become the next European astronaut!

Hi Wannabe Astronaut!

As you already know, a new European astronaut selection campaign will take place from March 31 to May 29, 2021.

12 years that we wait for it… Finally the big day is coming soon!

This is a unique opportunity to try to join the current 7 European astronauts and to contribute to the present and future objectives of ESA towards the International Space Station, the Moon and beyond.

The excitement is HUGE across Europe and thousands of wannabe astronauts are super-motivated! As with each new selection, the competition will be TOUGH …

► So what to expect?

► How to prepare for the first stage of the selection process, then for the following ones?

► How do you plan to make your application stand out from the crowd?

Since February 8, 2021, when ESA published its press release announcing the new astronaut selection campaign, we have received DOZENS of messages requesting individual coaching.

Well, we have good news and bad news:

The BAD news is that we currently do not have the staff to coach all of the wannabe astronauts who have contacted us to support them. We are sorry and we work hard to provide you with this individual coaching in the near future!

The GOOD news is we have anticipated this 🙂 It’s been several months since we know that a new European astronaut selection campaign was scheduled for early 2021 (in fact it was scheduled for late 2020, but it has been postponed largely because of the current pandemic context). Therefore, for several weeks we have been creating step by step a unique tool to coach all those who ask us for help. And this tool, we called it …

European astronaut selection 2021: The Ultimate Guide (What to expect – How to prepare)

This 100% digital guide is made up of more than 100 pages and several hours of videos. Summary below:

Chapter 1: European astronaut requirements and favorite profiles

  • ESA astronaut requirements 2021
  • The detailed profile of the 7 active ESA astronauts at the time of their selection: age, academic and professional background, languages ​​spoken, hobbies, flight hours,…

Chapter 2: Selection process

  • The steps of the 2021 astronaut selection process as detailed by ESA
  • A detailed analysis of the previous ESA astronaut selection process (2008-2009):

– The 6 stages of the selection process
– The detailed content of each step, with in addition an “insider” point of view (an astronaut shares his experience of each step)
– The number of candidates selected at each stage

Chapter 3: Train for the European astronaut selection tests

  • Practice answering open-ended questions (type of questions that can be found throughout the selection process, for example on the initial application form and during interviews with ESA staff)
  • Cognitive and psychological tests training (including several hours on video):
    – Spatial awareness
    – Visual perception
    – Memory retention
    – Technical information
    – Concentration skills
    – English-language skills
    – Measurement exercises

How did we create this guide?

This guide contains the best of the information made available by ESA over the years through their websites, publications, social networks and newsletters, as well as original content inspired by this information (in particular to offer you a volume important exercises to practice the astronaut selection tests).

This guide is for you if:

  • You want to perform at each stage of the selection. For you, this is the opportunity of a lifetime and you don’t want to miss it!
  • You want to train every day to be at your best when applications open on March 31
  • You need to see clearly about the detailed process of an astronaut selection campaign

This guide is not for you if:

  • Going to space is a sweet dream that occupies your mind at night but not during the day
  • You want to apply “just for fun”
  • You are Japanese, or you are a robot, or you are already an astronaut … 😉

How to receive the guide by email?

Order “European Astronaut Selection 2021 – The Ultimate Guide” for $89 and get for free our astronomy course for beginners “Astro Masters” (value: $40)!

Important: no refund request will be accepted after payment.


Disclaimer: please note that From Space With Love is unrelated to ESA. This pragmatic guide is unofficial and was not designed with ESA. Also, make sure you meet the ESA astronaut requirements 2021 before ordering the guide as no refund request will be accepted after payment.

In life, some moments are more important than others.

Meetings with fate.

Some people even speak of “turning points”.

Ask yourself: what if one of these moments starts right now for you?

Good luck, wannabe astronaut!

Jonathan Gonton (?)

PS: If you have any questions about “European Astronaut Selection 2021 – The Ultimate Guide”, send me a message via the contact form. I will respond as soon as possible!

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Images credit: Vadim Sadovski