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We are all space travelers

It’s stronger than us : we are irresistibly attracted to space ! The immeasurability of the universe is fascinating, as are the means implemented by man to try to unravel his mysteries, and to travel ever further.

Small, when we are asked which job makes us dream, we are incredibly numerous to answer “Astronaut”. The weightlessness, the prestige, the combination, the sight of the Earth, are enough to make irresistible to our eyes this profession yet so binding for the few lucky ones elected.

milky way

Space attracts us because by projecting ourselves in it, we go beyond our simple human condition. Eyes lost in the stars on a clear summer night or just watching a video shot in space, we simultaneously experience a stellar journey and a journey within ourselves. The worries of everyday life seem less present, the spirit is lighter.

So, you may not be an astronaut but you’re a real space traveler ! More precisely, one of the 7.5 billion travelers gathered on Earth, this magnificent celestial body that dances in the darkness of space.

Become a space tourist NOW


As children of space, we are incredibly fortunate to be living in a time of weekly space discoveries and insane technological breakthroughs. To the point that we can hope to one day benefit from the democratization of access to space to contemplate the Earth hundreds of kilometers below, if only for a few moments.

But living your dream of space does not necessarily mean GOING into space, nor spending astronomical sums ! Space tourism is also living your passion now, around the world or at low altitude. Attending the launch of a rocket is an unforgettable experience, just like feeling the incredible sensations of a Zero G flight, visiting a Space Center or enjoying the view in a 360° planetarium …

This website dedicated to space tourism helps you to live your passion of space on weekends and during your holidays, thanks to lots of free and practical content. You will be satisfied for example if you seek :

to attend the launch of a rocket
to attend the launch of a rocket
to do a Space trip in the USA
to do a Space trip in the USA

to fly Zero G
to fly Zero G
to go to space in VR
to go to space in VR

or any other activity for space tourist !

And who knows, one day maybe, you’ll send your friends a photo of the Earth taken through the portholes of a space capsule, by simply signing “From space, with love” …


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