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habitable exoplanets

Habitable exoplanets : all you need to know and news

Water vapor detected on K2-18b, a habitable exoplanet ? – News of September 17, 2019 – Of the 4000 planets discovered outside the solar system, the vast majority are completely hostile to life. Whether they are too massive, too close or too far from their star, it is hard to imagine how liquid water and…
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space cities

Space cities : all you need to know and news

Apogeios, the space city concept built with lunar materials – News of September 15, 2019 – Apogeios is a space city concept imagined by Olivier Boisard and Pierre Marx. Their approach is interesting in more than one way. Not only did they envision a functional architecture but they also thought about how their project could…
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interstellar objects

All about interstellar objects and news

The interstellar object C/2019 Q4 Borisov was discovered at the end of August – News of September 17, 2019 – On November 20, 2017, a team of astronomers published an article announcing the discovery of Oumuamua, an extraordinary object for more than one reason. It had a very elongated shape and a reddish color and…
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NASA InSight

NASA InSight lander on Mars : all you need to know and news

The drilling of the planet Mars by InSight still has not resumed, the DLR and NASA imagine a new solution – News of September 15, 2019 – It has now been more than nine months since InSight landed on the planet Mars and the drill of its HP3 instrument is still stuck about fifteen centimeters…
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spacex starship super heavy

SpaceX’s Starship and Super Heavy news

The prototype of Starship sustained damage during test flight – News of September 15, 2019 – A few weeks after the Starhopper flight, some more details were released. If the flight as a whole went well, the prototype of the Starship suffered some damage. We saw that one of its feet had lost its base…
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solar sail

Solar sails : all you need to know and news

Millions of solar sails to bring down the temperature on Earth ? – News of September 15, 2019 – Imagine that in a few decades or perhaps a hundred years, global warming makes the Earth almost unbearable. Humanity is unable to recapture all the carbon emitted during centuries of industrialization. We can then imagine that…
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Firefly Aerospace

All about Firefly Aerospace and news

Firefly Aerospace hopes to launch its first rocket at the beginning of 2020 – News of September 10, 2019 – In China, there was this summer a lot of launches of light launchers. Hyperbola-1, Jielong-1 and Kuaizhou-1A have all flown in recent days. However, they are less efficient launchers than the Vega launcher. In the…
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chandrayaan indian lunar exploration program

Chandrayaan, the Indian lunar exploration program | News

ISRO has lost contact with the lander of the Chandrayaan-2 mission – News of September 10, 2019 – Last July, the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-2 took off for the Moon. It was taking with it a lander called Vikram and a little rover named Pragyan. After a travel of a few weeks to the orbit of…
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All about the Vega space rocket and news

The commission of inquiry found the anomaly responsible for the Vega launcher incident – News of September 10, 2019 – On 11 July, an ESA’s Vega rocket was lost during the launch of a United Arab Emirates satellite. The commission of inquiry has now reached an official conclusion that allows us to shed light on…
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All about the Chinese lunar exploration program (Chang’e) and news

Lunar mission rover Chang’e 4 discovers a strange substance in a crater – News of September 10, 2019 – The Indian space agency has lost contact with the lander of the Chandrayaan-2 mission. The Chinese mission Chang’e 4 is therefore the only mission currently active on the surface of the Moon. The Yutu 2 rover…
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hayabusa 2

Hayabusa 2 and the asteroid Ryugu : all you need to know and news

The photos taken by the Hayabusa-2 mission show that Ryugu is composed of two types of rock – News of September 10, 2019 – The Japanese space probe Hayabusa-2 will return to Earth in 2020 with the precious samples it has collected. But before, the space probe dropped an armada of small robots on the…
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SpaceX news

What SpaceX-related news are you looking for ? Starship Falcon Heavy Falcon 9 Crew Dragon Starlink Company SpaceX will devote many more launches to smallsats than previously announced – News of September 3, 2019 – SpaceX seems to want to refine its offer for smallsats. We now know more since the company’s website has been…
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space robots

All about space robots and space robotics, and news

The Skybot F-850 robot has arrived in the international space station – News of September 3, 2019 – Last Tuesday, after a few adventures, a Soyuz spacecraft docked at the International Space Station. Russia usually uses its Soyuz spaceships to take cosmonauts, while the Progress spaceships take care of the freighter. But in this Soyuz,…
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sofia telescope plane

SOFIA telescope plane : all you need to know and news

The SOFIA telescope plane observes space at 12 km altitude – News of September 1, 2019 – When astronomical observations are made, we have to deal with the Earth’s atmosphere, which disturbs the light and absorbs part of the electromagnetic spectrum, especially in the infrared. We can choose to overcome this by placing an observatory…
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martian base home

Martian base, Martian home : all you need to know and news

AI SpaceFactory wins $500,000 thanks to its 3D printed martian home – News of September 1, 2019 – The works of AI SpaceFactory are very interesting concerning the 3D printing of buildings on the Martian surface. They were awarded a US $500,000 prize by the US Space Agency after creating a one-third scale Martian base…
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Terraforming : all you need to know and news

Focus on terraforming planets (Mars, Venus …) On August 15, 2019, Elon Musk tweeted a strange idea : atomize the planet Mars, not as an act of war but as an attempt at terraforming. According to the SpaceX leader, exploding nuclear bombs above the Martian polar ice caps would release large amounts of carbon dioxide…
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All about supernovas and news

SN2016iet, a supernova like no other – News of August 27, 2019 – The core of the stars is the place of a perpetual struggle between the radiative pressure of the thermonuclear reactions that grow outwards and the gravity that seeks to bring everything back to the center of the star. The equilibrium point is…
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iss international space station

All about the International Space Station (ISS) and news

New dock on the International Space Station – News of August 27, 2019 – A Dragon cargo spaceship launched on July 25 has enabled the installation of a new dock on the international space station. It is here that the new American crewed spaceships, called the Crew Dragon and the CST-100 Starliner, can dock. There…
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Earth observation by satellite : all you need to know and news

Earth observation satellites help monitor the evolution of giant fires in the Amazon – News of August 24, 2019 – The Amazon rainforest is currently undergoing gigantic fires, generating unprecedented tensions over the climate and international relations. Smoke and fires from the Amazon rain forest in Brazil taken from space on August 20, 2019 French…
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rocket lab

All about Rocket Lab and news

Rocket Lab wants to create a reusable launcher – News of August 20, 2019 – Faced with the arrival of a competition at low cost, the players already installed are forced to innovate to maintain an advantage. Rocket Lab, which has been operating the Electron launcher for more thant two years, now wants to make…
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The Arianespace company

Arianespace places Ariane 6 in the smallsats market – News of August 20, 2019 – Arianespace announced the establishment of dedicated services to launch smallsats. The European company has thus dedicated a launch of Ariane 6 to small satellites in 2022. Ariane 6 must allow Arianespace to exist in a competitive space segment – News…
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All about iSpace (星际荣耀) and news

iSpace reaches low orbit ! – News of August 20, 2019 – The smallsats market is booming. It attracts the greed of many private space companies on all continents. On July 25, iSpace became the first Chinese private company to reach orbit. Its Hyperbola-1 launcher successfully placed five small payloads in low orbit. A few…
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All about LinkSpace and news

The LinkSpace demonstrator rises 300 meters above sea level – News of August 20, 2019 – The Chinese company LinkSpace made an impressive demonstration on August 9th. Its RLV-T5 demonstrator climbed 300 meters in the air before returning to land on its launch pad like SpaceX, with a margin of error of only 7 cm.…
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All about SpaceIL and news

The tardigrades brought by Beresheet may have survived on the surface of the Moon – News of August 20, 2019 – Last April the Israeli lander Beresheet crashed on the surface of the Moon. The mission failed a short distance from the finish. SpaceIL, the company that built the lunar lander, now wants to project…
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supermassive black hole

All about supermassive black holes and news

The unusual behavior of the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way – News of August 20, 2019 – Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole located in the center of the Milky Way had a very angry period. Observed almost continuously for 20 years, this supermassive black hole had accustomed us to…
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All about the sun and news

The essentials about the sun Beside the sun, the planets and moons of the solar system seem insignificant. The sun accounts for 99.86% of the mass of the solar system. It consists mainly of hydrogen and helium that has been continuously fusing for 4.5 billion years. The size of the sun will change a lot.…
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All about Earth and news

The essential about Earth Earth is probably the jewel of the solar system. Endowed with incredible diversity, it is remarkable in many ways. Earth is the densest planet in the solar system. Some experts consider it a double planet. Earth is indeed the only rocky planet in the solar system to have a massive satellite.…
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venera program

Venera, the Soviet program of exploration of Venus

In 1957, the USSR became the first nation to place an object in Earth orbit. But far from being satisfied with this feat, two years later the Soviet federation launched its first space probe to the Moon. Despite a high failure rate of its first space adventures, the ideological competition with the United States pushed…
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tiangong 2

Tiangong 2 : all you need to know about the chinese space station and news

The Chinese space station Tiangong 2 burned in the atmosphere – News of July 23, 2019 – In April 2018, Tiangong 1, the first Chinese space station, went into the atmosphere in an uncontrolled way. Although largely burned, some small debris may have reached the ocean in the South Pacific. For China, Tiangong 1 was…
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tiangong 3

Tiangong 3, the Chinese space station | News

Tiangong 3 is dependent on the resumption of launches of the rocket Long March 5 – News of July 23, 2019 – The Tiangong 2 space station has just been consumed in the Earth’s atmosphere, which was planned. For China, this marks the beginning of a period without a space station. Tiangong 1 and Tiangong…
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