Astronaut requirements

NASA astronaut

Make sure you will be able to apply according to your height, your weight, your age, your medical history…

Do you fulfill the astronaut requirements ?

Astronaut requirements depend on space agencies criteria, which means that it depends on your nationality. Countries listed below have a current or near future manned spaceflight program.

Click on your nationality below to read the astronaut requirements of your space agency

Your country isn’t in the list above ?

Well, it seems that so far your country doesn’t have a manned spaceflight program, and won’t develop one in the near future. Nevertheless, if you’re a permament resident of Canada you may be eligible to become an astronaut for the Canadian Space Agency, even if you’re not a canadian citizen : click here for more infos.

Keep hope ! More and more space agencies around the world launch a manned spaceflight program. For example, in 2021 India will send people in space for the first time. Moreover, a lot of private space companies open each year. A private space company dedicated in sending tourists in space might open in your country in the future, and it will have to recruit people to go to space with tourists. What if you became a “private” astronaut ?

You aren’t able to fulfill the astronaut requirements of your space agency ?

Don’t panic ! The criteria evolve in each astronaut selection, according to space agency’s future missions and ambitions. For example, in the early days of the U.S. space program only Air Force pilots were able to apply. Moreover, the physical and medical criteria were harder to fulfill at the time. But after years of experience in space, NASA changed the astronaut requirements to afford a larger range of people to apply, with more diversity in educational and professional experiences. Stay motivated and build an attractive profile to make your dream come true, and in a few years perhaps you will be eligible even if you aren’t right now !

How to become an astronaut?

  1. Astronaut requirements
  2. Astronaut selection process (forthcoming)
  3. Astronaut training (forthcoming)
  4. Advice and strategies to become an astronaut