JAXA astronaut requirements (japanese space agency)

jaxa astronaut

You want to become an astronaut for the japanese space agency ? You must first make sure you fullfil all the expectations of JAXA. Like all space agencies, JAXA’s astronaut requirements are very strict.

Nationality, gender and age requirements to become a JAXA astronaut

  • You have to be a japanese citizen
  • You can be either a man or a woman
  • No information yet provided about age range. For your information, NASA astronauts are 26 to 46 when they were recruited.

Physical and medical requirements to become a JAXA astronaut

Becoming an astronaut means spending a lot of time in space, either in the International Space Station or in the future missions to the Moon and Mars. That’s why you must be physically and medically ready. JAXA doesn’t provides a lot of information about physical and medical requirements, but as japanese astronauts train with american astronauts at NASA, consider that JAXA and NASA expectations are close.

  • JAXA does not provide information about your height range and your weight range to become an astronaut. For your information, NASA astronauts height must be between 62 to 75 inches (between 1,58m to 1,90m) and that NASA doesn’t provide a weight range, but you have to be in good shap according to your height and your age.
  • No informations provided by JAXA about visual acuity or blood pressure measures. For your information, NASA requires 20/20 for each eye, and eye surgery is permitted but 2 years must have passed between the surgery and your application. Blood pressure measures must not exceed 140/90.

  • Education to become a JAXA astronaut

    • JAXA requires an advanced degree in science, and a specialized knowledge of natural science.
    • These specializations seem to be preferred by JAXA : nuclear fusion, surface science, material science, vacuum science

    Professional experience to become a JAXA astronaut

    • JAXA requires at least 3 years of work experience in science and/or industry, or in the Japanese Self Defense Forces
    • Current and formers JAXA astronauts are engineers, medical doctors, physicist, or aerospace engineers

    Other skills and requirements

    • Spoken languages : perfect level in Japanese and English. Nevertheless, other languages are assets, like russian above all. You may have to read russian manuals and to speak to russiant astronauts during your missions.
    • Flying experience is probably appreciated but not mandatory by JAXA
    • As astronaut training is long and hard, JAXA expects that astronauts candidates have patience, a positive attitude, and a willingness to tackle new challenges.

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