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space tourism

All about space tourism and news

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin finally shake up space tourism – News of March 8, 2019 – According to specialists, 2019 should be the year when space tourism will really take off. But it’s been decades since we heard the same sentence. 2018, 2015, 2010, 2007 or even 2001 were also years when space tourism…
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moon base

Moon base and Moon colonization : all you need to know and news

Everyone wants to create a moon base – News of February 14, 2019 – The possibility of colonizing the Moon is studied in detail by NASA, ESA and CNSA, and also Roscosmos. Many private companies also have this goal, like Blue Origin, SpaceX, Moon Express and many other companies. Space agencies and private companies are…
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mars simulation

Participate in a Mars simulation AMADEE

Aline Decadi, member of the Board of Directors of the Association Planète Mars (France), tells about her participation in the martian simulation AMADEE-18 What is a Mars simulation ? A Martian simulation consists of bringing together experts for a few days or weeks in terrestrial locations very similar to Mars, to perform one or more…
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mars colonization

All about Mars colonization and news

Find out what (maybe) your house will look like on Mars – News of August 7, 2018 – NASA does not currently have a roadmap for a trip to Mars. But that does not prevent the US space agency from preparing for this travel. NASA regularly conducts studies and develops concepts to try to solve…
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venus colonization

Stay in a flying city on Venus

The atmosphere of Venus has many similarities with the Earth The idea of ​​establishing a human presence on Venus may seem strange because the surface temperature of the planet approaches 500 degrees Celsius, its atmospheric pressure is similar to the pressure of the deep seabed and there is almost no oxygen. In addition, rains of…
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