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SpaceX Dragon XL

Dragon XL, the SpaceX spacecraft that will deliver the LOP-G

– News of March 31, 2020 – We know that the LOP-G, the space station in lunar orbit designed by NASA, will not be part of the program for the return of humanity to the Moon in 2024, named Artemis. The space station is not canceled, it is simply deemed non-essential for the first manned…
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Chang’e 5 : the Long March 5 launcher delays the mission

– News of November 5, 2019 – The Chinese space agency will postpone its lunar samples return mission, called Chang’e 5. Expected for this year, this mission will finally take off in the last months of 2020, because of the Chinese heavy launchers . The Long March 5 launcher continues to be the cause of…
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Artemis : SLS and space suits make news

– News of October 22, 2019 – NASA continues to advance on the technical solutions of its Artemis program. The US Space Agency has just authorized Boeing to expand its operations for the manufacture of the SLS. This should allow NASA to place an order for ten launchers at Boeing, probably as early as 2020.…
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chandrayaan indian lunar exploration program

Chandrayaan, the Indian lunar exploration program | News

ISRO has lost contact with the lander of the Chandrayaan-2 mission – News of September 10, 2019 – Last July, the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-2 took off for the Moon. It was taking with it a lander called Vikram and a little rover named Pragyan. After a travel of a few weeks to the orbit of…
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All about SpaceIL and news

The tardigrades brought by Beresheet may have survived on the surface of the Moon – News of August 20, 2019 – Last April the Israeli lander Beresheet crashed on the surface of the Moon. The mission failed a short distance from the finish. SpaceIL, the company that built the lunar lander, now wants to project…
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blue moon blue origin

Blue Moon by Blue Origin : all you need to know and news

Blue Origin successfully tests the engine of the Blue Moon lunar lander – News of July 23, 2019 – Blue Origin is one of the companies that could manufacture the lunar lander of the Artemis program. For more than three years now, the company has been developing the Blue Moon lunar lander. Designed initially to…
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European lunar exploration program : all you need to know and news

ESA is very active regarding its lunar program – News of June 11, 2019 – The Moon exploration is very trendy nowadays. More than a dozen public and private entities plan to land robots on the Moon in the next five years. Three manned flight programs are under development in the United States, China and…
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All about the Moon and news

The collision of the Earth with another planet would have created the Moon – News of March 24, 2019 The story of the creation of the Moon is still the subject of intense debate. The scenario of a giant impact is only one hypothesis among others. This hypothesis was formulated in the mid-2000s. We imagine…
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space launch system sls

SLS (Space Launch System), NASA’s giant rocket | News

The usefulness of the SLS is more and more challenged – News of March 17, 2019 – Currently, every day there is a new announcement about the Space Launch System (SLS). NASA’s 2020 budget proposal contemplates deleting many missions of the SLS. The SLS will not be used to assemble the LOP-G, nor to launch…
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moon base

Moon base and Moon colonization : all you need to know and news

Everyone wants to create a moon base – News of February 14, 2019 – The possibility of colonizing the Moon is studied in detail by NASA, ESA and CNSA, and also Roscosmos. Many private companies also have this goal, like Blue Origin, SpaceX, Moon Express and many other companies. Space agencies and private companies are…
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moon express

All about Moon Express and news

Zoom on the history and the lunar ambitions of Moon Express – News of October 4, 2018 – Moon Express wants to make money by sending payloads to the Moon and collecting lunar samples When we look at NASA’s lunar exploration program, we note that it gives an important place to the private companies of…
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lunar orbital platform gateway

The space station Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G)

2019 : a start for the Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway (LOP-G) ? – News of March 3, 2018 – The year 2019 should mark the departure of the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway project, NASA’s next space station and the first beyond the low orbit. Indeed the first contract for the construction of modules of the Lunar…
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All about the Orion spacecraft and news

Orion, Apollo lookalike One of the main missions of the SLS, NASA’s future monster launcher, is to launch the Orion spacecraft, a little different from the capsules that Microsoft Boeing and SpaceX have created for NASA. Indeed, Orion is primarily thought for the missions beyond the low orbit, which is new since the Apollo program.…
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google lunar xprize

All about Google Lunar XPrize and news

The Google Lunar XPrize will end without a winner – News of February 6, 2018 – At the end of January, we learned that the Google Lunar XPrize would arrive at its deadline without winner. The Google Lunar XPrize is a competition that was launched in 2007 to boost the private space sector. It proposed…
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