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Meet Jeanne Morel, 0G dancer

Jeanne Morel dances in weightlessness aboard the Air Zero G’s Airbus A310… and much more! Jeanne talks with us about her background and the many weightless dances that she has performed to date, from preparation to work following 0G flights. Then she answers your questions and gives us her Top 10 for Space Lovers, with…
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Ariane 6 european launcher

Ready for Ariane 6? Interview with Aline Decadi and Jean-François Clervoy

Hi Space Lovers! Today, let’s take a look at Ariane 6, the new European Launch System whose maiden flight is planned for the end of 2020. What can we expect from this new version of the Ariane launcher? How is the project developed, seen from the inside? How are the tests carried out?.. In January…
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thomas appéré interview

Meet Thomas Appéré, expert in processing panoramas from space

Hi Space Lovers ! Today we are with Thomas Appéré, PhD in Planetary Science, Physics teacher, and image processing expert. He processes images from space, especially from Mars, to make awesome panoramas and 360° pictures so that you can enjoy Mars as if you were there. Thomas answers our questions about its time-consuming but fascinating…
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jean-francois clervoy

Meet astronaut “Billy-Bob” Jean-François Clervoy

— Watch the video above or read the transcription below — Hi Space Lovers ! Today we are with french Astronaut Jean-François Clervoy. He did 3 missions in space, he developed the 0G flights in Europe and he is the chairman CEO of Novespace. Jean-François answers some of the questions you asked. Let’s go !…
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jerome vila arianeworks

Meet Jérôme Vila, ArianeWorks leader

Jérôme Vila leads ArianeWorks, the entity charged by CNES and Arianegroup to imagine and prepare the future European launchers ! Jérôme tells us about his career, the goals of ArianeWorks and projects carried by the initiative. Then he answers your questions and delivers us his Top 10 for space enthusiasts. Ready to take off ?…
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marcel clemens

Meet space artist Marcel Clemens | interview and artwork

Please introduce yourself ? My name is Marcel Clemens, I was born in Cornwall, UK. I was trained as a radio astronomer at Cambridge University and worked as an astronomer for almost 20 years. How and when did your passion for space was born ? The main reason why I became interested in astronomy is…
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stefano bove space art

Meet space artist Stefano Bove | interview and artwork

Please introduce yourself ? My name is Stefano Bove and i am a full Visual artist from Toronto, Canada. My favorite books are Star Wars novels (Darth bane trilogy is my favorite), Lord of the Rings, and anything marvel or DC. My favorite TV shows are Fringe, Lost, Mars (basically any space or Sci-Fi related…
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vadim sadovski space art

Meet space artist Vadim Sadovski | interview and artwork

Please introduce yourself ? My name is Vadim Sadovski, I am 25 years old, I was born and live in Belarus. By specialty I am an oncologist. How and when did your passion for space was born ? I have been interested in space since childhood, as always it all began with science fiction films…
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space engineer interview

Meet space engineer Aline Decadi – interview

We met Aline Decadi, a french safety and security engineer working for the European Space Agency (ESA) in Paris, as part of the project to develop the future Ariane 6 european launch system. We talked about her career and then we asked questions from the From Space With Love community. Aline’s comments and opinions are…
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mars simulation

Participate in a Mars simulation AMADEE

Aline Decadi, member of the Board of Directors of the Association Planète Mars (France), tells about her participation in the martian simulation AMADEE-18 What is a Mars simulation ? A Martian simulation consists of bringing together experts for a few days or weeks in terrestrial locations very similar to Mars, to perform one or more…
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