Meet space artist Vadim Sadovski | interview and artwork

vadim sadovski space art

Please introduce yourself ?

vadim sadovskiMy name is Vadim Sadovski, I am 25 years old, I was born and live in Belarus. By specialty I am an oncologist.

How and when did your passion for space was born ?

I have been interested in space since childhood, as always it all began with science fiction films and books, and once I realized that I wanted to bring a little bit of my vision of the cosmos to this world. Since 2012 I have been drawing in this area.

Please introduce your work

First Photoshop, then 3D, many techniques and styles I have tested over the years. At first it was not easy, I had to learn everything from scratch, and gradually come to understand how to express in digital form what I want to show people. But now I can draw almost anything (of course on the space theme). It’s great that I often see my work in scientific journals, on the covers of books, once even there was a poster at the press conference of Nasa ! For me, this is a hobby that also brings some income when someone purchases a license for images.

Thank you Vadim.

Vadim Sadovki’s space art

More Vadim Sadovski’s artwork | Visit the Space Art Gallery

Interview : March, 2019
Pictures courtesy of Vadim Sadovski

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