Roscosmos cosmonaut requirements (Russian space agency)

roscosmos cosmonaut

Russia as a huge experience in sending men and women into space. Would you become one of the next cosmonauts of Roscosmos, the russian space agency ? Take a look at the Roscosmos cosmonaut requirements.

Nationality, gender and age requirements to become a cosmonaut for Roscosmos

  • You must be a russian citizen to become a cosmonaut.
  • The age limit to apply is 35
  • Men and women are both eligible to become cosmonauts.

Physical and medical requirements to become a cosmonaut for Roscosmos

Cosmonauts have to stay a long time into space, several months and even years if we consider the future mars colonization projects. That’s why physical and medical requirements to become a cosmonaut are so hard to fullfil.

  • Your height must be between 1,50m to 1,90m and 0,80m to 0,99m when seated
  • Your weight has to be between 50 kg to 95 kg, according to your gender, your age and your height.
  • A good health is required. It means especially no serious chronic health disorders and no tomography-detectable pathology. Surgical scars possible in patients who have recovered completly.

Education to become a cosmonaut for Roscosmos

Cosmonaut candidates must be graduated from university. A higher university degree in engineering, science, research or piloting is required by Roscosmos when recruiting cosmonauts.

Professional experience to become a cosmonaut for Roscosmos

  • You must have at least five years of work experience in a field relevant to your studies.
  • Roscosmos favors cosmonaut candidates with experience in the space rocket industry or in the aircraft-building industry.

Other skills and requirements

  • You must speak fluently Russian and English.
  • Flying experience is welcomed but not mandatory.
  • Roscosmos looks for cosmonaut candidates with many psychological assets : temperament, moral values, intellectual-creative potential, memory, ability to study, self-perfection, ability for positive inter-personal cooperation,…

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