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All about the Psyche space probe and news

The development of the Psyche space probe continues – News of June 18, 2019 – The Psyche mission will be launched in 2022. It will explore the asteroid that bears the same name, an asteroid almost entirely composed of iron and nickel. We think that this is the heart of a protoplanet that has disappeared.…
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OSIRIS-REx and the asteroid Bennu : all you need to know and news

OSIRIS-REx orbits less than one kilometer from Bennu – News of June 18, 2019 – The solar system continues to reveal its secrets. Comets and asteroids are exploration targets increasingly studied by space agencies. NASA has thus dedicated the OSIRIS-REx space probe to the asteroid Bennu, a Type C near-Earth object of about 500 meters…
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European lunar exploration program : all you need to know and news

ESA is very active regarding its lunar program – News of June 11, 2019 – The Moon exploration is very trendy nowadays. More than a dozen public and private entities plan to land robots on the Moon in the next five years. Three manned flight programs are under development in the United States, China and…
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Starshade : all you need to know and news

Starshade could help space telescopes to observe exoplanets – News of June 9, 2019 – To observe exoplanets is very difficult. We must work on contrasts. The stars are indeed much brighter than their planets. Ideally, it is much easier to be able to hide the light of the star to focus only on the…
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All about the WFIRST space telescope and news

The mobilization of the scientific community saves the WFIRST space observatory – News of June 4, 2019 – WFIRST has to fight each year so that its budget line does not disappear in the budget of the American space agency. This observatory is dedicated to the study of dark energy and exoplanets. To observe exoplanets,…
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Artemis : NASA’s lunar program | News

Maxar will manufacture the propulsion module of the LOP-G – News of May 28, 2019 – Artemis is the new name of NASA’s lunar program. Hopefully this will not bring them bad luck because in Greek mythology Artemis accidentally kills Orion. Orion is the name of the spaceship that must serve as a vehicle for…
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hayabusa 2

Hayabusa 2 and the asteroid Ryugu : all you need to know and news

Ryugu impact crater is twice as big as expected – News of May 28, 2019 – On April 5, 2019, the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 fired a penetrator at the asteroid Ryugu it has been studying since last summer. A simple copper plate was accelerated by an explosive charge before striking the asteroid at more…
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Triton, Neptune’s moon : all you need to know and news

Triton’s geysers will be targeted by the Trident mission or other missions – News of May 12, 2019 – Thirty years ago, the Voyager 2 space probe made the unique flyby of Neptune and Triton. The trajectory of the space probe was studied to fly only 40 000 kilometers height above the largest moon in…
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europa clipper

All about the Europa Clipper space probe and news

The Europa Clipper mission will embark 8 scientific instruments to study Europa – News of May 12, 2019 – The Europa Clipper mission will not have a lander, but it will be specially equipped to collect a lot of data from Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter. NASA will have to carefully prepare the scientific…
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nasa trident space mission

NASA’s Trident space mission : all you need to know and News

Trident space mission to study Triton, Neptune’s Biggest Moon – News of April 30, 2019 – The outer planets of the solar system are still almost unexplored. Uranus and Neptune in particular have been stealthily flown over by the Voyager 2 space probe. A new orbiter could be sent around one of these two worlds.…
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NASA InSight

All about the NASA’s InSight lander and news

The InSight’s seismometer records tremors on Mars – News of April 28, 2019 – On April 6, the SEIS seismometer put on the Mars planet by the InSight lander recorded a signal that could be “Marsquakes”. Three other signals recorded at different times could also be Marsquakes, but it is less likely. The 6 April…
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luvoir space telescope

All about the LUVOIR space telescope and news

The LUVOIR space telescope could study exoplanets thanks to a 15-meter mirror – News of April 28, 2019 – The LUVOIR space telescope (Large UV Optical Infrared Surveyor) is currently only a project. This is one of the four concepts studied to become one of NASA’s future big telescopes. LUVOIR would work primarily on visible…
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All about the Chinese lunar exploration program (Chang’e) and news

The Chang’e 4 mission rover broke a record – News of April 28, 2019 – Since arriving on the lunar ground at the beginning of January, the Yutu 2 rover of the Chang’e 4 mission has traveled a little less than 180 meters. This is not much because Yutu 2 was often inactive during the…
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titan saturn moon

All about Titan (Saturn’s moon) and news

Lakes on the surface of Titan disappear at the end of winter – News of April 23, 2019 – Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, is one of the largest moons of the solar system because its diameter exceeds the diameter of the planet Mercury. It is also one of the most interesting moons.…
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Parker Solar Probe

All about Parker Solar Probe and news

Parker Solar Probe flew over the sun for the second time – News of April 9, 2019 – The Parker Solar Probe spacecraft is now dangerously close to the sun. The American spacecraft has just completed its second flyby of our star. It has passed only 24 million kilometers from the surface of the sun.…
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space launch system sls

All about NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and news

The usefulness of the SLS is more and more challenged – News of March 17, 2019 – Currently, every day there is a new announcement about the Space Launch System (SLS). NASA’s 2020 budget proposal contemplates deleting many missions of the SLS. The SLS will not be used to assemble the LOP-G, nor to launch…
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planet x

All about planet X / planet 9 and news

The observation of another planetary system could explain the orbit of a planet X – News of March 12, 2019 – FarFarOut is part of a class of objects named extreme transneptunians objects. Other objects in this category all have a very eccentric orbit. This is why some researchers believe that a massive object has…
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All about the planet Neptune and news

A new moon of Neptune has just been discovered – News of February 24, 2019 – A new moon of Neptune has been known since 2013, but sometimes it takes time to formalize a discovery. It was named called Hippocamp. This moon is very small, so it looks like an asteroid. However, it could teach…
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opportunity rover

All about the Opportunity rover on Mars and news

Goodbye Opportunity ! – News of February 17, 2019 – After 15 years on the planet Mars, the rover Opportunity was finally declared dead on February 13, 2019. In fact, the rover no longer sent any sign of life to NASA since many months. But NASA wanted to give it a chance to resume communications.…
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All about the Soyuz-5 launcher and news

Soyuz 5 engine tests will begin soon – News of February 12, 2019 – On February 4, 2019, Vladimir Putin and the director of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, took stock of the future of the new Russian launchers. The development of Soyuz 5 seems to be progressing well. The Soyuz 5 engine is being prepared for…
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new horizons nasa

All about the New Horizons space probe and news

New Horizons unveils the true form of Ultima Thule – News of February 12, 2019 – Ultima Thule is intriguing. The first series of photos transmitted by the spacecraft New Horizons unveiled a world in two parts, like a kind of snowman. New Horizons has just uploaded a new series of photos. This time, these…
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dart mission

All about NASA’s DART mission and news

HERA mission to inspect results of DART mission in 2026 – News of February 12, 2019 – The Hayabusa mission and the OSIRIS-REx mission continue to explore Ryugu and Bennu, sometimes presented as dangerous for the Earth. The risk that one of these two objects collides with our planet is actually very small, but one…
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planetary protection

All about planetary protection and news

Planetary protection is a major challenge to avoid extraterrestrial contamination – News of February 3, 2019 – We hope to find traces of life on the planet Mars, on Europe the moon of Jupiter, or on some other bodies of the solar system. To achieve this, we send robots to the surface of these bodies.…
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All about Uranus and news

Simulations fail to fully explain the inclination of Uranus – News of February 3, 2019 – The axis of rotation of Uranus is quite unique in the solar system. This is most likely the result of a collision very early in the planet’s history, or several collisions. But it is difficult to explain that not…
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envision mission esa

All about the ESA’s EnVision mission and news

The EnVision mission will scrutinize the movements of the surface of Venus – News from February 3, 2019 – At the end of the year, ESA will launch the Cosmic Vision program with the launch of the CHEOPS mission dedicated to the characterization of exoplanets. Cosmic Vision brings together all the future missions of the…
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juno space probe

All about the Juno space probe and news

Juno is halfway through its mission – News of January 7, 2019 – Juno is in the middle of his mission around Jupiter. The space probe has just made its sixteenth close passage over the clouds of Jupiter. Its scientific goals are focused on the gas giant. This includes understanding a little better how it…
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Juice Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer

All about JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) and news

The development of JUICE continues without problems – News of January 6, 2019 – The development of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) space probe is progressing well. The launch of the ESA space probe is scheduled for the summer of 2022, to go into Jupiter’s orbit in 2030. This is one of the most…
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All about ESA’s BepiColombo mission and news

BepiColombo successfully tests its ion engines – News of December 11, 2018 – The Euro-Japanese mission BepiColombo has just successfully started up its ionic engines, the most powerful to have been deployed in space. This first ignition follows a period of intensive testing that demonstrated that the four engines used by the propulsion module work…
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Lucy mission NASA

Lucy mission : all you need to know and news

The Lucy mission will study the Trojan asteroids of Jupiter – News of November 13, 2018 – NASA has approved the development of the Lucy mission as part of the Discovery program. The mission now has a budget and a development schedule. Lucy will leave Earth in October 2021 for a 12-year trip. This will…
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All about Dawn space probe and news

Dawn mission comes to an end, 11 years after launch – News of November 6, 2018 – The Dawn space probe did not respond to a planned communication attempt on October 31st. NASA concluded that Dawn has exhausted the hydrazine reserves of its micro-propellants. The space probe is therefore unable to point its communication antennas…
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