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OneWeb plans to put 2,000 satellites in orbit

– News of June 6, 2019 –

The satellites used by OneWeb are a little lighter than those of SpaceX, they weigh 150 kg. This satellite constellation will also be much smaller. So far, OneWeb plans to put into orbit 600 satellites and 48 rescue satellites placed directly in orbit. Their number could reach 2000 satellites in the future. Communications will go through the Ku band and ground users will have to use a small antenna.

The propulsion of OneWeb satellites is electric but unlike Starlink, OneWeb will use xenon. Satellites carry enough propellant to provide a delta V of 800 meters per second, which is enough to reach their orbit, stay at the same altitude for 5 to 7 years and then desorbit.

OneWeb does not have its own satellite launch company unlike Starlink. The company has signed contracts with Arianespace and Virgin Orbit to deploy its satellite constellation.

Once the 600 satellites in orbit, OneWeb hopes to provide a 100 megabits per second internet connexion, which is enough to watch videos on YouTube for example.

Image by OneWeb

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