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SpaceX space suit design and main features

– News of May 27, 2020 –

SpaceX space suit

SpaceX space suit, also called “Starman suit”, was jointly designed by Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, and Jose Fernandez, a costume designer known for his works for science fiction (Tron: Legacy). The suit design was reverse engineered by SpaceX engineers.


  • provides a pressurized environment in atypical situations such as cabin depressurization
  • Routes communications and cooling systems to the astronauts
  • Hearing protection during ascent and reentry
  • Flame resistant outer layer
  • Single connection point between the suit and vehicle
  • 3D printed space suit helmet
  • Touchscreen compatible gloves

Crew Dragon astronauts

Elon Musk unveils the first photos of the SpaceX space suit

– News of August 29, 2017 –

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk featured the first snapshots of his company’s space suit on Instagram. Its design is different from the current space suits. This is the space suit that must be used for the flight mission around the moon.

It has already been tested under vacuum and gave satisfaction. However, it is hard to imagine that such a space suit could be used for extravehicular activities : no visible oxygen tank and the overall thickness and aesthetics seem to provide little protection against the space vacuum. It seems that this space suit will only be worn in SpaceX Dragon capsules. It will certainly provide temporary protection in case of cabin depressurization.

Images by SpaceX/NASA.

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