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Finally a clear strategy to optimize your chances of becoming an astronaut, even from scratch.

How long have you been learning about becoming an astronaut ?

Several months ?

A year ?

(More ?)

And where are you in your action plan ?

If you read these lines, you are probably lost.

And yet, it’s not the information you miss.

The Internet is full of blogs, newsletters, videos and training on the aerospace jobs.

Every day, you read stories of astronauts who grew up in difficult conditions but who managed to realize their childhood dream…

It does not seem strange to you ?
On the one hand, you have access to an infinity of information, advice, training and tools… but on the other hand, you do not know how to concretely achieve your goal.

You may wonder if you will succeed or not…

But how to know ?

The more information you accumulate about the space sector and the astronaut job, the less you know what is the best strategy for you.

The worst is when these issues relate to training and work experiences. What studies should I do ? Which job should I choose ? Will it be enough to answer the questions of the astronaut selection tests, and then to catch the attention of the astronauts recruiters during a selection interview ?

You will have to change something…

You may have started some actions to become an astronaut – but you do not believe it anymore.

You have a list of things to do – but you know deep down that you’re never going to finish it.

And most importantly, you have a goal – but no clear strategy on how to achieve it.

Maybe it’s time for a big change…

A simple strategy to quickly build the foundations of an attractive profile for astronaut recruiters

Between each astronaut recruitment session, the goals of space agencies change a lot.

Therefore, what they are looking for in an astronaut candidate too.

But there is a long-term strategy to be the only choice for astronaut recruiters, regardless of these changes.

This strategy can be summed up in one sentence :



“How to build an irresistible profile for space agencies.”


Let’s simplify your to-do list.

When you adopt this strategy, you do not care about anything else.

No need to :

  • become a crack in engineering, mathematics, science, mechanics…
  • Keep up to date with all the space news
  • Spend hours looking for valuable information on the internet

These tasks are useful of course. You can easily take care of it later.

For now, you can ignore them without worry – as long as you do ONE indispensable thing.

The ONLY goal to reach quickly

This strategy works if you want to :

  • Set yourself apart from other astronaut candidates, even if they’re smarter than you
  • Show the astronaut recruiters that you are an asset to their manned spaceflight program

In both cases, you need to reach a single goal quickly :become a recognized and valued expert in a field related to the spaceflight program of the space agency or private space company you target.

The more your expertise is strong and recognized, the more unique you will be to astronaut recruiters.

If you have chosen a relevant expertise (I will explain how later), you will start to be followed by a large audience, you will be invited to host conferences and the media will start to solicit you.

The real beauty of this strategy is that it shows you how to quickly increase the attractiveness of your profile for astronaut recruiters.

Your action plan for the next years

Imagine a simpler world… where your only objective is to try to pass the next astronaut selection tests of your space agency, in maximum 5 years.

Why ?

Because it is a clear and concrete goal that will help you stay focused on your ultimate goal.

All the rest is a distraction and must be eliminated (for the moment).

To help you take action quickly and efficiently, we have created a program that brings all these elements together in one place.





From Space With Love introduces

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Astro Coach is a clear strategy to (finally) take off your chances of becoming an astronaut – and quickly build the foundations of an attractive profile for space agencies or private space tourism companies.


Details of the 5 week program :

Module 1 : What is waiting for you as an astronaut candidate – Week 1

  • Presentation of the Astro Coach program and modules
  • How the astronaut selection process works : decryption of all the steps, from the application form to the training sessions to the selection tests and the interviews
  • When will the next selection of astronauts from your space agency likely take place ?
  • Astronaut advice to optimize your chances of being selected

Module 2 : Find the expertise that will captivate astronaut recruiters – Week 2

  • My “secret mindmap” : 20 ways to stand out (whatever expertise you want to develop)
  • How to identify current or future issues related to the spaceflight program of your space agency
  • How to find ultra-relevant expertise related to these issues
  • How to spread your expertise publicly, get media attention… and maybe even make money from your expertise

Module 3 : Discovering Astronaut Selection Tests – Week 3

  • Presentation of real selection tests of space agencies : written tests + interviews
  • Many examples of technical or open questions asked in real astronaut selection tests
  • How to upgrade in aerospace engineering, mathematics, electronics, English, Russian…
  • Decryption : How your answers to open questions will be interpreted by astronaut recruiters (and how to prepare for them)

Module 4: Build your academic and professional background – Week 4

  • The preferred courses of space agencies (and where to find free courses)
  • The professional experience you need to target (detailed job descriptions and analysis of the current and future astronauts professional experiences of your space agency, to find out what really works beyond the requirements communicated by your space agency)
  • How to choose extra-curricular or extra-professional activities that will impress astronaut recruiters
  • Other skills and soft skills : the almost eliminatory criteria that you have to work too and how to work on them

Module 5 : Train for Astronaut Selection Tests – Week 5

  • How to train in selection tests under real conditions
  • Many examples of closed questions (hard skills)
  • Many examples of open questions (soft skills)
  • Astronaut advice for taking the selection tests

You have unlimited access at the end of each module (even if you have not yet been able to work on it) and you will be able to download a pdf at the end of each module.

In addition to the modules, you automatically have access to :

  • Astro Coach Community : The forum of astronaut candidates who have, like you, decided to act on their destiny by joining the Astro Coach program. The forum is structured to be able to dialogue efficiently about each module and about each part of the module, with sub-sections dedicated to each space agency having a manned spaceflights program.
  • Astro Coach Alerts : The astronaut selections news from your space agency (news about future selections, selection dates announcements, etc.). So you do not miss any information on the astronaut recruitment sessions.

Join Astro Coach

  • Life-time access to the 5 program modules detailed above
  • Life-time access to Astro Coach Community : a forum for astronaut candidates (private forum, archive of past answers, participation in groups dedicated to each space agency)
  • Subscription to Astro Coach Alerts : emails that inform you about the latest news of astronaut recruitment
  • Guarantee “Test the program THEN decides if you want to continue” (satisfied or refunded during 7 days following the start of the program, by sending us an email and without any condition)

Price: $399
Astro Coach subscriptions are currently closed.
If you want to subscribe to the waiting list, send us a message by following this link.





Q & A

Why is the Astro Coach program not available right now ?

The Astro Coach program is designed to go well beyond the modules that we propose to follow over 5 weeks. The goal of the program is to accompany you until you try to pass the astronaut selection tests.

For this, we place great importance on communication between members to help each other, to exchange information, to make each other progress and to remain motivated. That’s why you will have access to a private forum where you will be able to dialogue with the other members about each module and on any other question that you ask yourself.

In order for you to benefit and participate in this group dynamic, the program must have at least 20 members, such as a small class at school.

Therefore, we will not launch the program if we have not registered 20 members before August 31st, 2019. The period from July 1 to September 1 (launch date of the program) will be used to heal the presentation of program materials (web pages, pdf, videos …).

I don’t know where to start to become an astronaut, nor how to find the expertise that will make my application unique… Will Astro Coach help me ?

Module 1 will clearly show you which steps you will need to follow. The following modules will guide you to both enable you to find relevant expertise to develop, to attract astronaut recruiters (Astro Coach shows you how to find ideas and how to select the best one) and to meet the astronaut requirements (academic and professional background, real questions from previous selection tests…).

And if you already have an idea of ​​expertise to develop but you’re not sure it’s the good one, I’ll show you how to refine your choice to give your profile the best chance to stand out.

I have problems with learning technical and scientific fields. How to do ?

It is easy to feel stuck by a technical field required to become an astronaut. Aerospace engineering, mathematics, electronics, robotics… The areas to know to pass the selection tests are many and can be scary – but you may be using the wrong resources.

In Astro Coach, you will have access to my list of recommended websites, books and online courses to increase your knowledge. You will also have access to resources recommended by other members of the program who have the same goal as you. Great, isn’t it ?

I have already researched how to become an astronaut and have already read all the emails and pages of From Space With Love. Am I really going to learn new things ?

Where are you in your training process to become an astronaut?

Do you feel ready to take the selection tests ?

Are you able to say why we should send you into space, and not another candidate who is perhaps smarter than you ?

What’s blocking you ? Think hard about this because it will tell you what to do next.

Yes, you know the concept of astronaut selection. But would you be able tomorrow to answer the questions of the selection tests ?

Yes, you know that you need to have relevant expertise to stand out from other candidates and capture the attention of astronaut recruiters. But are you good enough to be followed faithfully by many thousands of people and to be solicited by the media ?

This is a universal truth : no matter what you know, the moment you have to practice is extremely violent if you are not well prepared.

Your results reflect your skills. If you still do not have the results that allow you to have a good chance to pass the astronaut selection tests, you must have the humility to recognize that you still have things to learn and put into practice.

The strength of the Astro Coach program is that all content is organized for the first time in a coherent system, which multiplies their results.

In addition, each strategy is illustrated by real examples analyzed in depth.

If you still do not feel like being able to pass the astronaut selection tests, you’ll learn a lot with the Astro Coach program.

(And if this is not the case, tell us within 7 days of starting the program and you will be refunded).

How is this program different from other programs ?

Have you read all our free “How to become an astronaut” emails ? Or our interview with an aerospace engineer, our articles on space news, our tips for working at NASA ?

If so, you have undoubtedly noticed the care and the depth of analysis that we bring to each content that we produce.

Our philosophy is not to create the maximum of content. We want our creations to have a direct impact on your life.

And that’s our free content. What level of care and detail do you think we bring to a paid program ?

The majority of other programs are a list of tactics – it’s up to you to see how to apply them. Astro Coach gives you a global vision, where to start and how to implement each advice.

Will this method work for my profile ?

Astro Coach is suitable if you are eligible to be an astronaut in your space agency. Before joining Astro Coach, check that you meet the conditions of nationality, age limit, size and medical criteria (click here for more information). We will guide you for the next steps.

The idea is to quickly find a way to make yourself unique to astronaut recruiters, introduce you to what is waiting for you during the selection tests and show you how to upgrade your skills to pass these tests (academic background, work experience, personal activities, online training, books…)

This method will NOT work if you are not determined to do everything to become an astronaut, or if you are satisfied with dreaming to become an astronaut without taking action.

Are there prerequisites (technical knowledge, tools, etc…) ?

The only prerequisite to follow the program is to have access to a computer, a touch pad or a smartphone, with an internet connection.

No technical knowledge is required to start the program but obviously having scientific knowledge and experience is an asset to becoming an astronaut. If this is not your case, we will help you by advising you on resources and online / offline courses.

Why not train myself with free resources ?

The goal of a program like Astro Coach is to speed up your learning curve.

At the end of the 5 weeks of the program, the way you have to go to become an astronaut will seem clear to you and you will be armed to go through these steps one by one.

You will have a lifetime access to a private forum where you will be able to interact with other people who have joined the Astro Coach program. You will share about the content of the modules and on any other subject or problem you encounter on your path to become an astronaut. One of the great strengths of programs like Astro Coach is the solidarity of its members to achieve the same goal, each with its specificity and personality.

Instead of having to sort through and try to test everything – you will have directly the essential strategies to become an astronaut.

The question to ask yourself is : Does putting all the assets on my side to try to achieve my dream of becoming an astronaut worth the price asked for this program ?

How long will I start seeing results ?

If you take action immediately : you will see more clearly 7 days after the beginning of the program on what is really an astronaut selection process and if it’s ok for you (you have 7 days to ask us to make you refund in the opposite case).

And if you continue to follow the modules of the program, after 5 weeks you will have a clear vision of what you have to do until the next selections of astronauts of your space agency.

The important thing is to make progress towards your goal on a daily basis, and you will end up approaching your destination.

IMPORTANT : Astro Coach is NOT “a program to go into space in 1 month” – it’s a way to build an attractive profile to astronaut recruiters. If you are looking for miracle recipes, this method is not for you.

How can I ask my questions ?

If you have any questions, you can send us a message via our contact form.

During the 5 weeks following the beginning of the program, you can send us an email at any time or ask us questions about the content of the program, or about your personal situation.

We will answer you usually within 24 hours, rarely more than 72 hours.

Yes, we answer these emails and yes, each answer is individualized. Ask us the right questions, it will save you months of trouble by pointing you directly in the right direction.

How long does my access to the program last ?

Once the program is paid, you will have access to it for life.

However, to encourage you to fully understand each module as a coach in the “real” life, you will gradually have access to all modules after joining Astro Coach :

  • Module 1 will be available immediately after the beginning of the program in 1st September
  • Module 2 will be available 8 days after
  • Module 3 will be available 15 days after
  • Module 4 will be available 22 days after
  • Module 5 will be available 30 days after

A new module is released each week for 5 weeks.

Guarantee “Test for 7 days THEN decide if you want to keep training”
After joining the program, you have 7 days to consult Module 1 and decide if you want to continue. If not, you just have to send us an email to be refunded 100% – whatever your reason.

Join Astro Coach

  • Life-time access to the 5 program modules detailed above
  • Life-time access to Astro Coach Community : a forum for astronaut candidates (private forum, archive of past answers, participation in groups dedicated to each space agency)
  • Subscription to Astro Coach Alerts : emails that inform you about the latest news of astronaut recruitment
  • Guarantee “Test the program THEN decides if you want to continue” (satisfied or refunded during 14 days following the start of the program, by sending us an email and without any condition)

Price: $399
Astro Coach subscriptions are currently closed.
If you want to subscribe to the waiting list, send us a message by following this link.


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