Astronomy MOOCs


These courses are free if you only want to read the content of the course and to watch the videos. You will have to pay a few dollars if you want to access all of the course, including rating homework, and to have an official certificate to print or to share (on LinkedIn for example).

MOOC #1 Astronomy : Explore time and space by University of Arizona

You’re perception of the universe will never be the same after attending this stunning 51 hours, 100% online Astronomy MOOC ! If you are interested in learning more about modern astronomy, you will enjoy exploring the night sky, the solar system, galaxies, exoplanets, cosmology… and much more topics about the universe. This course is beginners-friendly : it provides an introductory level for those who have no background in science.

The teacher of this Astronomy MOOC is Chris Impey, Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona.

MOOC #2 An introduction to modern astronomy by the University of Rochester

This 23 hours MOOC deals with modern astronomy’s most important questions, like the history of the universe, life in the universe and what’s outside our galaxy. You will also learn how the stars born, evolve and die, and much more !

The professor of this introduction to modern astronomy MOOC is Adam Frank, Physics and Astronomy, at the University of Rochester.

MOOC #3 Data-driven Astronomy by the University of Sydney

Modern astronomy and computers are strongly linked. Modern elescopes produce huge data per observation. The simulations required to model the universe too. Modern astronomy becomes data-driven !

In this 20 hours Data-driven Astronomy MOOC you will learn how to implement algorithms, how to manage your data and how to learn from them using machine learning. This course will help you explore the universe, from planets to pulsars to black holes. This MOOC includes interviews with data-driven astronomy experts.

The teachers of this Data-driven Astronomy MOOC are from the School of Physics at the University of Sydney.

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