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moon base

Moon base and Moon colonization : all you need to know and news

Everyone wants to create a moon base – News of February 14, 2019 – The possibility of colonizing the Moon is studied in detail by NASA, ESA and CNSA, and also Roscosmos. Many private companies also have this goal, like Blue Origin, SpaceX, Moon Express and many other companies. Space agencies and private companies are…
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space jump

All about space jump and news

Felix Baumgartner is the first man to go beyond the sound barrier without propulsion On October 14, 2012, Austria’s Felix Baumgartner broke the jump record at almost 40 kilometers high, including 37 kilometers of freefall. He is the first human to have passed the sound barrier after a jump without propulsion. This feat was realized…
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space elevator

All about the space elevator and news

The Japanese test a miniature space elevator – News of September 11, 2018 – A space elevator would physically connect the ground to the geostationary orbit. It could be used to move men and cargo at a very low energy cost. Space elevators have their defenders and detractors. What is certain is that they risk…
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mars colonization

All about Mars colonization and news

Find out what (maybe) your house will look like on Mars – News of August 7, 2018 – NASA does not currently have a roadmap for a trip to Mars. But that does not prevent the US space agency from preparing for this travel. NASA regularly conducts studies and develops concepts to try to solve…
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space city

Stay in a space city

When we imagine a future for humanity outside the planet Earth, we usually think of other planets, and first of all Mars. But there is another option, the fabrication of habitats for the human species, either in orbit around the Earth or around other celestial objects. For the moment, it’s still science fiction but the…
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