Evolution of the Universe MOOCs

end of the universe

These courses are free if you only want to read the content of the course and to watch the videos. You will have to pay a few dollars if you want to access all of the course, including rating homework, and to have an official certificate to print or to share (on LinkedIn for example).

MOOC #1 From the Big Bang to Dark Energy by University of Tokyo

Ready for an amazing several billion years travel in the Universe history ? In this 14 hours MOOC, you will learn what we expect that happened in the first seconds of the Big Bang, how the universe started to expand billions years ago because of dark energy and how it may end.

The professor of this MOOC is Hitoshi Murayama, MacAdams Professor of Physics, University of Tokyo.

MOOC #2 Evolving Universe by Caltech

From the galaxies to stars, planetary systems to black holes, quasars to large structures… This MOOC takes you in an incredible travel across the universe, covering our understanding of the physical universe and its major constituents.

In part 2 of this fascinating MOOC, you will acquire a deep knowledge about how to detect and observe new elements in the sky with optical, radio, X-ray or gamma-ray telescopes.

The professor of this MOOC is S. George Djorgovski, Professor of Astronomy, Caltech.

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