LEGO Saturn V space rocket : a giant leap for the Apollo program fans !

LEGO Saturn V space rocket : a giant leap for the Apollo program fans !

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Pictures and videos of LEGO Saturn V

Our review of the LEGO Saturn V

For the record…

When it was released in June 2017, the LEGO Saturn V set was the biggest LEGO Ideas ever released : 1969 pieces ! Congratulations LEGO for the wink … It was quickly out of stock when it was released.

“LEGO Ideas”, what is it ?

LEGO Ideas are not proposed by the LEGO group but by us, by you, anyone can propose their idea. It’s marked on the box : the LEGO Saturn V set is the 17th LEGO Ideas. Before, there was Wall-E, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, etc …

Here is an interview of the young fan who proposed to LEGO to make the LEGO Saturn V

People upload a mockup on the LEGO Ideas site, it’s a dedicated website. Some time ago, LEGO was in big trouble. One day, they bet that LEGO fans had good ideas, so they used that, and they came up with a platform where LEGO fans could come up with their ideas. The projects are submitted to the vote of other people, and after 10 000 votes the project passes in the LEGO committee, and LEGO decides whether or not they commercialize it. They do their small modifications so that it remains compliant and so that it does not have particular montages to achieve. This allows anyone to participate in the creative process.

Unboxing and mounting the LEGO Saturn V set

Like other LEGO Ideas, LEGO really takes care of doing beautiful things, beautiful manuals. It’s a collector’s trick… It’s well done, but it’s a little boring to open …

On the assembly instructions, there is the history of the Apollo program, some technical details with pretty archival photos, the trip to the moon, the photo of the designers who participated in this project.

Open the LEGO Saturn V Manual

The assembly phase of the LEGO Saturn V is done with numbered bags. It’s a bit for beginners, it’s a little too easy… Some purists unpack everything and mix everything, it adds something to the building experience. Once mounted, the LEGO Saturn V is over 1.48 meters tall !

There are invisible elements, which are located inside the rocket. LEGO really took care of the details. It’s not just a big block to climb, it’s really well done.

LEGO really seems to listen to his fans. On one of the LEGO Saturn V parts for example, there is a pattern printed directly on the piece. It’s not stickers. There was a problem on a previous LEGO Ideas on Big Bang Theory, where there were huge decks of stickers. Buyers were angry about that, so LEGO is really using feedback from customers and that’s what makes them stronger.

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Once the 1st stage is finished, we realize that it is really superb quality. We can hold the block with one hand, it holds, it’s not something fragile, or that we expose and does not move. It’s really very nice. There are some great details on the thrusters. The system of fasteners inside is very ingenious, very nice, it makes live a beautiful building experience. For the 2nd stage, it’s the same.

Already the last bag … Montage finished ! Everything comes off very easily to see the elements inside, without being fragile. The system of clips is really well thought out. This makes it possible to expose the LEGO Saturn V either as spare parts or as a single unit.

Don’t forget to build the Eagle module with the two small LEGO astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, we do not forget the small American flag … LEGO really took care of the small details. The return capsule has small buoys for its landing in the sea. The Eagle module naturally takes place in the head of the LEGO Saturn V.

Features of LEGO Saturn V

Box dimensions : 14.9 x 18.9 x 4.4 inches / 37,8 x 48 x 11,2 centimeters
Rocket size : 3,28 ft / 1 meter
Weight : 7.5 pounds / 2,46 kilos
Number of pieces : 1969
Warning: not suitable for children under 36 months

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