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The LinkSpace demonstrator rises 300 meters above sea level

– News of August 20, 2019 –

The Chinese company LinkSpace made an impressive demonstration on August 9th. Its RLV-T5 demonstrator climbed 300 meters in the air before returning to land on its launch pad like SpaceX, with a margin of error of only 7 cm. The next test should bring the demonstrator up to 1 km altitude.

LinkSpace continues testing its reusable launcher

– News of May 7, 2019 –

LinkSpace multiplies the atmospheric flights of its reusable launcher demonstrator in the manner of SpaceX. On April 19, the launcher reached 40 meters of altitude. The young company now wants to reach 1 kilometer in the second half of 2019. These tests should help develop the rocket New Line 1 which is due to make its first flight in 2020.

LinkSpace develops a reusable and cheap micro-launcher

– News of January 11, 2019 –

LinkSpace is a private Chinese space company founded in 2014. Since the summer of 2016, this company has been carrying out tests on vertical take-offs and vertical landings. The goal of LinkSpace is to develop a micro-launcher with a reusable first stage. The capacity of this rocket called New Line 1 (NL-1) would be ten times lower than those of the Zhuque-2 rocket from Landspace.

Relying on reuse, LinkSpace wants to be able to offer a service as personalized as that of Rocket Lab, but at a much lower price. HU Zhen Yu (胡振宇), the Chinese company’s young CEO, has announced that it wants to market New Line 1 reuse flights at $ 2.25 million per launch, compared to the $ 6 million requested by Rocket Lab for the launch of an Electron rocket of similar capacity. LinkSpace hopes to launch New Line 1 on the market in 2020. It will then become the second company to recover the first stage of its rockets, after SpaceX.

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