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LinkSpace develops a reusable and cheap micro-launcher

– News of January 11, 2019 –

LinkSpace is a private Chinese space company founded in 2014. Since the summer of 2016, this company has been carrying out tests on vertical take-offs and vertical landings. The goal of LinkSpace is to develop a micro-launcher with a reusable first stage. The capacity of this rocket called New Line 1 (NL-1) would be ten times lower than those of the Zhuque-2 rocket from Landspace.

Relying on reuse, LinkSpace wants to be able to offer a service as personalized as that of Rocket Lab, but at a much lower price. HU Zhen Yu (胡振宇), the Chinese company’s young CEO, has announced that it wants to market New Line 1 reuse flights at $ 2.25 million per launch, compared to the $ 6 million requested by Rocket Lab for the launch of an Electron rocket of similar capacity. LinkSpace hopes to launch New Line 1 on the market in 2020. It will then become the second company to recover the first stage of its rockets, after SpaceX.

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