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New Space continues to attract investment

– News of February 5th, 2019 –

In 2018, New Space startups continued to appeal to investors by getting $ 3 billion around the globe. This represents an increase of almost 30% compared to 2017. More than half of this money has been invested in companies that develop launchers dedicated to smallsats. The first three orbital launches of Rocket Lab have probably helped a lot in convincing investors.

A large part of these transactions took place in the United States. European startups received 18% of these financings, compared to 13% in 2017. The other sector in strong progression constellations of satellites. It totals $ 845 million in investments in 2018, including Cloud Constellation which received $ 100 million in investment. Dozens or even hundreds of new companies are born every year in the space sector. It is a bit difficult to follow up exhaustively. We still notice some companies that offer original services.

Momentus, for example, raised $ 8 million in November to develop its space tug. The company wants to open a service to change the orbit of satellites. We known that smallsats sent into space by large launchers often have to compromise on their final orbit. Momentus wants to pick them up and insert them exactly into the desired orbit. The final bill should be lower than if you had to launch a new smallsat with a dedicated launcher.

Vector Space Systems raised $ 70 million in October 2018, which could give the company the opportunity to compete with Rocket Lab as early as 2019.

Capella Space raised almost $ 20 million in September to develop its surveillance constellation radar of the Earth. With the help of 36 small satellites, the company will be able to take pictures every hour from anywhere on the globe. Radar technology should allow the cloud layer to be pierced while maintaining a precision of less than one meter.

Picture by SpaceX

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