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Star Citizen is a really unique video game

Star Citizen is a video game project under development, which has already mobilized $ 200 million. The goal of the creators is to make Star Citizen a massively multiplayer game without subscription. It is difficult to classify Star Citizen. In this game, you play a character in the years 2940 to 2950. Each year that passes in our reality is equivalent to a year in the game. The universe of Star Citizen is thus currently in 2949.

Star Citizen is not like other massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, where every character lives an epic adventure after a series of quests and dungeons. Each Star Citizen player is just one element of the mass of players, a part of the complex machine of this universe, no more important than any other player, or even one of the many other non-player characters.

star citizen space station

Become who you want and live your life in space

Unlike Eve Online for example, players are not needed to run the Star Citizen universe. This choice is voluntary because the goal is for each player to focus on their own adventure rather than the effect their existence has on their environment. With no storyline and no major quests to tell what to do, each player is free to take the path he wants.

Explorer, miner, cargo carrier, mercenary, pirate, hacker, smuggler, hitman, farmer, reporter … Star Citizen offers many different roles, each role hides sub-roles, making a great variety of gameplay, not to mention the potential emerging gameplay elements allowing the most imaginative players to create their own roles.

star citizen mining

Enjoy losing yourself in the huge universe of Star Citizen

Star Citizen’s universe contains about fifteen systems, each of them contains several planets and moons fully explorable. The universes are complete, populated by different alien races with their own languages, in a single server. So there is only one universe for everyone, no matter where you play.

No artificial limitation prevents players from accessing their preferred role. No level or skill points to define what our character can or canno’t do. The skills of the human in front of the PC are transposed into the skills of the character in the video game. If the character in the video game has strong abilities in space combat, that’s because the player controls the spaceship to perfection.

star citizen screen

Seek to have a good reputation… or not !

The spaceship is the only limitation in Star Citizen. Some roles require an adapted spaceship. Knowing that for each role, several spaceships from different brands are available and that the same spaceship is not necessarily limited to a single role. For example, the Drake brand produces affordable, rustic spaceships that don’t cost a lot of money to maintain. So it’s a perfect choice for pirates. The Origin brand mainly produces luxury spaceships, with great care to the design of spaceships.

But whether it’s on foot, on a motorcycle or in a spaceship, there’s always something going on in the Star Citizen universe. Depending on the activities performed by the player, the reputation of his character will go up or down, which gives access to more interesting prices on certain elements, or gives access to exclusive missions.

star citizen shelter

For more realism, your character will eventually die

Star Citizen is a vast sandbox universe in the first person, massively multiplayer and offers incredible freedom. So it’s not really a video game for everyone. Despite the game world that incorporates many codes of science fiction, the designers of Star Citizen want to immerse the player and offer maximum realism.

For example, the characters are not eternal, a kind of definitive death will be present. Once the character has encountered too many definitive death situations, death will be imposed on the player. After the funerals of the character, the player can resume the game by controlling his descendant, who inherits all his physical possessions, as well as a part of his reputation.

The inventory of characters is physical and localized. It is not possible to wear multiple space suits and assault rifles in an invisible pocket. The character only wears what he can afford to wear. Weight also influences the endurance of the character. Space ships are managed in the same way, that is, if a spaceship is left in a specific spaceport, you have to go back and get it back.

Spaceships have a certain cost beyond the purchase price. Fuel, ammunition and missiles are to be refueled after use. Components that allow the spaceship to function properly are also impacted as time goes by. Sometimes you have to check, make repairs or even change them. It is also necessary to think of insuring your spaceship so as not to be left without nothing in case of destruction. All of that spending will be easily amortized if the spaceship is well used. This is not a problem for the majority of players.

star citizen spaceship

On the way to the confines of the universe

The universe of Star Citizen is huge. Landing and taking off from a moon or a planet is not instantaneous and journeys between different stars of the same system can take between 5 minutes and 50 minutes. To navigate between the systems, it is necessary to go through the “jump points”, meaning wormholes. But depending on the size of the spaceship, some wormholes are not accessible. This is not a problem in reality, because players who have spaceships a little larger than normal are the ones who know the game best.

Crossing the entire universe finalized after the launch of the video game could take between 6 hours and 10 hours depending on the size of the spacecraft used. During these long space trips, there are things to do such as checking the status of its components, repair them, watch the news, and why not launch a game of Star Marine or Arena Commander, video games in the video game. With all of these elements, the goal of Star Citizen is to give importance to our position in the universe, and to give real importance in our choices. It is impossible to have everything immediately, and every decision has consequences that might be grandiose or dramatic.

star citizen planet

Star Citizen, it’s even better in multiplayers mode

It is possible to play Star Citizen alone, but all alone some elements are difficult to access or difficult to use properly. Some spaceships are way too big to use 100% of their abilities by playing alone. And even though it is possible to hire characters in return for a salary, a spaceship that has a crew of players will in most cases have an advantage.

Star Citizen already has many organizations or guilds to allow everyone to meet other players who have the same game goals as you. Another solution, the VOIP allowing to speak directly in game makes it possible to make some knowledge without having to go through an organization.

star citizen shelter planet

Let’s go !

Currently, the game is available from around € 50. The packs contain a Starter spaceship and access to the Star Citizen universe. If you want to take advantage of 5000 additional credits in game, you must use a referral code. Take one of your friends who already owns the game, or just click on the link below :

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star citizen landing

Video and pictures by Star Citizen.

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