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ESA astronaut selection

ESA 2021 astronaut selection

ESA (European Space Agency) launches a new campaign to select astronauts to join the ranks of the European Astronaut Corps (EAC). Applicants have 2 months from 31 March to 18 June 2021 to complete their online application, then the best candidates will proceed to the next stages of the selection. The 6 steps of ESA…
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esa astronaut

ESA astronaut requirements 2021

You dream of becoming an ESA astronaut ? First, read the requirements below to make sure you are eligible. All space agencies have very restrictive requirements to send people in space, ESA too. Height, visual acuity, educational and professional background… Do you meet all the expectations to become an ESA astronaut ? Nationality, gender and…
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NASA astronaut

How to become a NASA astronaut?

In 1961, Alan Shepard became the first NASA astronaut to go into space. Since then, hundreds of men and women have succeeded him and have become national heroes in the United States and around the world. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn, John Young, Bruce McCandless, or more recently Peggy Whitson, Scott Kelly, Bob Behnken…
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NASA astronaut

How are NASA astronauts trained?

At the end of the NASA Astronaut Selection Process, you have been recruited as an Astronaut Candidate? Congratulations! You will soon be walking in the footsteps of your heroes Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn, Scott Kelly, Peggy Whitson and so many other NASA astronauts… But before you officially become an astronaut and become eligible…
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NASA astronaut

How are NASA astronauts selected?

Do you dream of becoming a NASA astronaut? To stay in the International Space Station, to go to the Moon as an “Artemis Generation” astronaut, or even to go to Mars? Have you verified that you meet the NASA astronaut requirements? That’s excellent news ! But you’re far from the only one … In fact,…
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how to work for SpaceX

How to work for SpaceX?

Do you dream of working for SpaceX? Well, many talented and enthusiastic people are impressed by Elon Musk’s company recent and upcoming projects: Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Crew Dragon, Starlink, Starship… To maximize your chances of working at SpaceX, follow our advice! First, check your eligibility to work for SpaceX Citizenship You have to be…
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SpaceX Crew Dragon

SpaceX Crew Dragon: first successful launch

– News of June 2, 2020 – SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule sends two astronauts into space After a long wait, the Americans are once again able to conduct independent manned space flights. On Saturday, May 30, during a high-profile event, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley took off aboard SpaceX Crew Dragon space capsule. On…
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SpaceX suit

SpaceX space suit latest news

SpaceX space suit design and main features – News of May 27, 2020 – SpaceX space suit, also called “Starman suit”, was jointly designed by Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, and Jose Fernandez, a costume designer known for his works for science fiction (Tron: Legacy). The suit design was reverse engineered by SpaceX engineers. Features: provides…
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Meet Jeanne Morel, 0G dancer

Jeanne Morel dances in weightlessness aboard the Air Zero G’s Airbus A310… and much more! Jeanne talks with us about her background and the many weightless dances that she has performed to date, from preparation to work following 0G flights. Then she answers your questions and gives us her Top 10 for Space Lovers, with…
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callisto galilean moon

All about Callisto (Jupiter’s moon)

The essentials about Callisto (Jupiter’s moon) Diameter: 4,820 km The fourth of the Galilean moons of Jupiter is Callisto. Since it is located further from Jupiter than the other Galilean moons, it does not has to deal with tidal forces. However, it is possible that Callisto has a liquid water subsurface, but this remains to…
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ganymede moon

All about Ganymede (Jupiter’s moon)

The essentials about Ganymede (Jupiter’s moon) Diameter: 5,262 km Ganymede orbits Jupiter in about 7 days. It is the largest moon in the solar system. It is the third of Jupiter’s main moons and, given its distance from the planet, it has an orbital resonance ratio of 1:2:4 with two of the other satellites of…
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ISS Live

Earth seen from the ISS Live (International Space Station)

Video of Earth seen from the ISS live   ⚠️ Note: this video alternates between live images and recorded images. Indeed, the International Space Station enters the shadow of the Earth every 45 minutes, for a duration of 45 minutes. This is why astronauts aboard the ISS often say that they attend 16 sunrises per…
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OneWeb goes bankrupt

OneWeb loses the support of its main investor – News of March 31, 2020 – OneWeb has already raised $3.4 billion and launched 74 satellites. However, the company has just announced its bankruptcy. The OneWeb’s satellite constellation still needed several billion additional dollars to be operational, but its main investor SoftBank decided to stop financing…
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SpaceX Dragon XL

Dragon XL, the SpaceX spacecraft that will deliver the LOP-G

– News of March 31, 2020 – We know that the LOP-G, the space station in lunar orbit designed by NASA, will not be part of the program for the return of humanity to the Moon in 2024, named Artemis. The space station is not canceled, it is simply deemed non-essential for the first manned…
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Starlink will operate from 2020 in the U.S.A.

Starlink will soon supply its first customers – News from March 31, 2020 – SpaceX’s satellite constellation, Starlink, may be in a monopoly position following the announcement of the bankruptcy of OneWeb. The company is currently continuing to deploy its satellite constellation, apparently without suffering from the same cash flow problems as its competitor. Starlink…
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coronavirus covid-19 space industry

Coronavirus (COVID-19): impacts on the space industry

This page is updated with news involving the coronavirus crisis and the space industry. Predictions on the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the space industry – News of March 29, 2020 – The risk that space projects will suffer from the health and economic crises linked to COVID-19 is significant. It is impossible to…
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Ariane 6 european launcher

Ready for Ariane 6? Interview with Aline Decadi and Jean-François Clervoy

Hi Space Lovers! Today, let’s take a look at Ariane 6, the new European Launch System whose maiden flight is planned for the end of 2020. What can we expect from this new version of the Ariane launcher? How is the project developed, seen from the inside? How are the tests carried out?.. In January…
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ExoMars : tests of the parachutes are still not OK

– News of November 5, 2019 – The ExoMars program rover, Rosalind Franklin, will take off in 2020 on the same launch window as the Chinese mission Chang’e 5. A year before departure, the mission led by ESA and Roscosmos still faces problems with parachutes. Two tests conducted in May and August 2019 showed that…
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Pluto: NASA plans to send an orbiter

– News of November 5, 2019 – Pluto was explored four years ago by the American space probe New Horizons. This speed meeting allowed to make some beautiful photos that generated many questions. Pluto’s surface seems much more active than previously thought, which makes some people think that the dwarf planet could even have an…
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black holes

A mini black hole detected thanks to the gravitation

– News of November 5, 2019 – In recent years, there has been significant progress in the study of black holes. The first detections of gravitational waves made possible to know how they merge, an additional proof of their existence. In April 2019, the first image of the event horizon of a black hole was…
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Chang’e 5 : the Long March 5 launcher delays the mission

– News of November 5, 2019 – The Chinese space agency will postpone its lunar samples return mission, called Chang’e 5. Expected for this year, this mission will finally take off in the last months of 2020, because of the Chinese heavy launchers . The Long March 5 launcher continues to be the cause of…
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Firefly Aerospace

Firefly Aerospace will use a Aerojet Rocketdyne engine

– News of October 29, 2019 – Firefly Aerospace is currently developing a light launcher called Firefly Alpha that could make its first flight in 2020. Firefly Aerospace is also developing a heavier launcher called Firefly Bêta. So far, it was designed as a heavy version of the Alpha, with three boosters glued to the…
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spacex starship super heavy

The Starship wants to join the Artemis program

– News of October 29, 2019 – During her lecture at the 70th International Astronautics Congress (IAC) in Washington DC, Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s COO, talked about how the Starship could help the Artemis program. SpaceX hopes the Starship will reach orbit next year. Then it will be able to conduct missions towards the Moon from…
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blue origin

Blue Origin wants to participate in the Artemis program

– News of October 29, 2019 – Last week, the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) was held in Washington D.C. The lunar plans of NASA took a prominent place. The US space agency wants to bring humans back to the Moon by 2024 and relies heavily on the private sector to do that. In particular,…
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virgin orbit

Virgin Orbit develops an interplanetary launcher

– News of October 29, 2019 – LauncherOne, the launcher developed by Virgin Orbit to place smallsats into Earth orbit, should have an optional third stage to complete interplanetary missions. The ambitions are modest : 100 kg to the Moon, 70 kg to Venus or 50 kg to Mars. What pushes Virgin Orbit to develop…
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expansion of the universe

Speed ​​of universe expansion : scientists disagree

– News of October 29, 2019 – The expansion of the universe did not always have the same speed The universe is expanding, that is, all objects that are not held by gravity move away from each other. The speed of the expansion of the universe is however subject to debate. This is one of…
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sabre engine

The SABRE engine test is a success !

– News of October 29, 2019 – The SABRE engine must be able to function as a turbojet engine, a ramjet engine or a rocket engine. There are still many technical challenges to solve in order to make this engine work. In particular, it needs a high-performance heat exchanger that can cool incoming air at…
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NASA validates a robotic lunar mission

– News of October 29, 2019 – NASA has decided to validate a robotic mission to the Moon in 2022. A rover called VIPER will go thanks to the CLPS program, perhaps aboard a Blue Moon lander manufactured by Blue Origin. It will land at the South Pole of the Moon in order to identify…
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NASA InSight

InSight : the drilling of Mars finally resumes !

– News of October 22, 2019 – InSight’s drill rig has been stuck for 8 months The HP3 drill rig installed on the InSight lander has been designed to dig to a depth of 5 meters, unwinding thermal sensors. This should make it possible to study how the heat propagates in the Martian crust. But…
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space suits

The xEMU space suit has been unveiled

– News of October 22, 2019 – xEMU, the space suit of the Artemis program The space suits currently used on the International Space Station were designed some 40 years ago. As part of the Artemis program that aims to send humans back to the Moon, the US space agency must update its equipment for…
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