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satellite constellations

French Space Force : all you need to know and news

France announces the creation of its “Space Force”, a space commandment – News of July 16, 2019 – In a speech to the Armed Forces pronounced on July 13, french president Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a space commandment within the air force, charged to ensure the deployment of a new doctrine that takes…
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NASA InSight

NASA InSight lander on Mars : all you need to know and news

NASA and DLR continue their investigations so that InSight can resume drilling – News of July 16, 2019 – For several months, the drill of the HP3 instrument of InSight is blocked a few centimeters under the surface of the planet Mars. In June, NASA and DLR decided to raise its support structure to try…
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Artemis : NASA’s lunar program | News

Two NASA top officials have had to leave their position to speed up Artemis – News of July 16, 2019 – On July 10, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the replacement of two of the top US Space Agency officials : Bill Gerstenmaier in charge of Human Spaceflight, and Bill Hill in charge of Exploration…
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black holes

All about black holes and news

The black hole at the center of the galaxy NGC 3147 defies the models created by astronomers – News of July 16, 2019 – In April 2019, the first image of the event horizon of a black hole was revealed. On this image, we can see a shiny disk surrounding a central shadow area. We…
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chandrayaan indian lunar exploration program

Chandrayaan, the Indian lunar exploration program | News

The launch of the Chandrayaan-2 mission is postponed – News of July 16, 2019 – The Chandrayaan-2 mission was scheduled to take off on July 15th. However, it was postponed. 56 minutes before the scheduled launch time, the attempt was canceled due to a technical problem on the GSLV Mach III launcher. The next launch…
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All about the Vega space rocket and news

First failure for Arianespace’s Vega launcher – News of July 16, 2019 – 2019 was to be the year of the Arianespace‘s Vega launcher, with the launch of the new Vega-C version and a record number of missions. Vega-C is ultimately postponed to 2020 and the launcher in its current version has just suffered its…
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hayabusa 2

Hayabusa 2 and the asteroid Ryugu : all you need to know and news

Hayabusa-2 probably collected samples of asteroid Ryugu – News of July 16, 2019 – Since last summer, the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 and its procession of landers are making a detailed exploration of the asteroid Ryugu. On April 4, the orbiter fired an impactor at the asteroid to create a new crater. On July 11, Hayabusa-2…
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jean-francois clervoy

Meet astronaut “Billy-Bob” Jean-François Clervoy

— Watch the video above or read the transcription below — Hi Space Lovers ! Today we are with french Astronaut Jean-François Clervoy. He did 3 missions in space, he developed the 0G flights in Europe and he is the chairman CEO of Novespace. Jean-François answers some of the questions you asked. Let’s go !…
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artificial gravity

Artificial gravity, gravity simulator : all you need to know and news

The University of Colorado Boulder develops a small gravity simulator for space – News of July 9, 2019 – Prolonged weightlessness has a significant impact on human health. Nausea, muscle and bone loss, redistribution of fluids, impaired vision or sensation of loss of taste, for example. After a few weeks of terrestrial orbit aboard the…
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dragonfly mission

All about the Dragonfly mission on Titan and news

The Dragonfly mission will fly towards Titan in 2026 – News of July 2, 2019 – It was one of the most anticipated decisions in 2019. The US Space Agency had to choose between two candidates for the fourth mission of the New Frontiers program. NASA can only fund one of them. The first mission…
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frb fast radio bursts

All about fast radio bursts (FRB) and news

For the first time, the source of a unique fast radio burst has been identified – News of July 2, 2019 – In 2007, while digging into old archives of the Parkes observatory in Australia, a student made a strange discovery. The radio telescope appeared to have recorded a very short radio burst in 2001…
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comet interceptor

Comet Interceptor : all you need to know and news

The Comet Interceptor mission will study comets very closely – News of July 2, 2019 – ESA has just validated a new mission for the next decade as part of its Cosmic Vision program. This mission is called Comet Interceptor. Since its creation, ESA has specialized in comet exploration. Thanks to this new mission, the…
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spacex starship super heavy

SpaceX’s Starship and Super Heavy news

Starship’s engine explodes, production accelerates – News of June 25, 2019 – It appears that a Raptor engine exploded during a test following a failure of its turbine. We know that SpaceX modifies the tests of its Raptor engines permanently. The company expects to find a solution to this problem in just a few weeks.…
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planet mars

Planet Mars : all you need to know and news

The Curiosity rover detects a powerful methane peak on the planet Mars – News of June 25, 2019 – We often talk about methane detection on the planet Mars. On Earth, methane is a gas associated with life. In the atmosphere of the planet Mars, it is easily broken by the ultraviolet radiation of the…
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Spektr space observatory : all you need to know and news

Postponement of Spektr-RG space observatory launch due to discharged batteries – News of June 25, 2019 – Since the fall of the Sovietic Union, Russia’s economic difficulties have canceled most major scientific programs. That’s why the launch of the Spektr-RG space observatory by a Proton rocket that was planned last Friday is very important. The…
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spacex crew dragon

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and Dragon space capsules : all you need to know and news

NASA hopes a crewed Crew Dragon space capsule will be launched before the end of the year – News of June 25, 2019 – SpaceX enters a phase of intensive operations. Despite the explosion of a Crew Dragon space capsule on April 20, 2019, NASA seems determined to keep to a tight schedule. SpaceX’s first…
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spacex falcon heavy

SpaceX Falcon Heavy news

Falcon Heavy achieves a difficult mission for the US Army – News of June 25, 2019 – The Falcon Heavy has just flown for the third time, less than three months after its previous flight. The mission seems to have gone well. The two side boosters that had already been retrieved during the previous launch…
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All about the Psyche space probe and news

The development of the Psyche space probe continues – News of June 18, 2019 – The Psyche mission will be launched in 2022. It will explore the asteroid that bears the same name, an asteroid almost entirely composed of iron and nickel. We think that this is the heart of a protoplanet that has disappeared.…
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europa moon

All about Europa (Jupiter’s moon) and news

The study of the salinity of Europa’s oceans could tell us if life is possible – News of June 18, 2019 – In the late 1990s, the Galileo mission taught us that Europa, one of Jupiter‘s largest moon, is probably home to an ocean of liquid water under its ice crust. Its magnetic field, its…
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mining of asteroids

All about mining of asteroids and news

TransAstra selected by NASA’s NIAC program – News of June 18, 2019 – NASA has announced the selection of projects for its NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. It allows for preliminary research on technologies that could dramatically change how we use space. Participants in the 2019 edition were revealed on June 11th. It includes…
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OSIRIS-REx and the asteroid Bennu : all you need to know and news

OSIRIS-REx orbits less than one kilometer from Bennu – News of June 18, 2019 – The solar system continues to reveal its secrets. Comets and asteroids are exploration targets increasingly studied by space agencies. NASA has thus dedicated the OSIRIS-REx space probe to the asteroid Bennu, a Type C near-Earth object of about 500 meters…
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Earth MOOCs (free online courses)

These courses are free if you only want to read the content of the course and to watch the videos. You will have to pay a few dollars if you want to access all of the course, including rating homework, and to have an official certificate to print or to share (on LinkedIn for example).…
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Astronomy MOOCs

These courses are free if you only want to read the content of the course and to watch the videos. You will have to pay a few dollars if you want to access all of the course, including rating homework, and to have an official certificate to print or to share (on LinkedIn for example).…
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European lunar exploration program : all you need to know and news

ESA is very active regarding its lunar program – News of June 11, 2019 – The Moon exploration is very trendy nowadays. More than a dozen public and private entities plan to land robots on the Moon in the next five years. Three manned flight programs are under development in the United States, China and…
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All about stars and news

The star HR9024 loses weight due to incredible coronal mass ejections – News of June 11, 2019 – Observed from afar, the sun may seem like a shiny, smooth ball. Modern astronomy has shown that in reality the surface of our star is covered with bubbles and filaments, some of which may be absolutely gigantic.…
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planet venus

All about Venus and news

Does the atmosphere of Venus shelter life ? – News of June 9, 2019 – Until the early 1960s, we thought that Venus could have sheltered life. Observed from afar, it is indeed the planet most similar to the Earth. The first flyby by Mariner 2 and the intensive exploration of the Soviet program Venera…
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Starshade : all you need to know and news

Starshade could help space telescopes to observe exoplanets – News of June 9, 2019 – To observe exoplanets is very difficult. We must work on contrasts. The stars are indeed much brighter than their planets. Ideally, it is much easier to be able to hide the light of the star to focus only on the…
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tiangong 1

Tiangong 1 : all you need to know and news

Tiangong 1, the first Chinese space station – News of June 9, 2019 – The history of Chinese manned flight is quite short, but it is already very interesting. After designing the Shenzhou spacecraft, China began building space stations. Tiangong 1 was launched in September 2011. It consisted of a service module and a pressurized…
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tiangong 2

Tiangong 2 : all you need to know about the chinese space station and news

The Tiangong 2 space station has allowed a taikonaut to spend 30 days in space – News of June 9, 2019 – China’s second space station, named Tiangong 2, has an architecture very similar to its first space station. In the Tiangong 2 space station, a taikonaut beat the record of stay in orbit for…
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relativity space

All about Relativity Space and news

Relativity Space will print rockets for $ 10 million – News of June 9, 2019 – Relativity Space is one of the companies developing rockets for Smallsats. Their launcher is called Terran 1. It is a little more imposing than the average launchers. It must be able to place up to a ton of low…
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